I Just Want What I Want

I was just perusing around the net when I came across a fabulous piece that I thought you guys would benefit from. Along with the quote of the day, I would encourage you to also check out the happiness-quotes.com. This is just wonderful!! 

Quote of the Day:

“Sometimes you want what you want but it’s not exactly what you need. God knows what you need and is willing to supply. Sit tight because He has it all!” 

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Also, as promised, check this out: 

Excerpt of Wants Versus Needs 

Wants versus needs. There are actual needs, and there are arbitrary wants. The most basic needs you as a human require for survival are oxygen, water, food, clothing and shelter. Anything beyond those are “wants”. 

Many things can satisfy your basic needs. A cave for shelter, a blanket for clothing, rainwater for water, but you must have them for basic survival. Wants have nothing to do with actual survival. 

When you cannot distingush betweent wants versus needs, or if you can’t identify a want as a want, you set yourself up to live in a constant state of craving and disappointment. 

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5 responses to “I Just Want What I Want

  1. Thank you for this insight. you spoke to me.

  2. Very true Lakia! Rarely do we distinguish between these two types of needs and before we know it, it mushrooms in to a myriad of NEEDS (the majority of which is more close to a luxury than an essential need).

    You may be interested in reading this famous theory by Maslow: http://bit.ly/fAla

    • Thanks a lot! I actually heard of him!! I’ve taken (many 😦 ) courses that have discussed his hierarchy. Thank you very much for your insight 🙂

  3. what a lovely quote! It makes me so happy to find inspirational quotes that just liven up my day, thank you for that!

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