I Love…

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I love…is one of the most powerful phrases you will ever hear. What is it about this thing called love that makes you feel protected or warm all over? Personally, for me, it makes me feel great inside when someone uses love and they mean it from the bottom of their hearts.

Sometimes we fail to realize just how much power and authority resides in the phrase or the word love. To use love in the right way, it can be used to build up, encourage, and empower others, while if you used improperly, can be used to manipulate, hurt others, or crush someone’s world. Just think, saying I love you when you really don’t mean it will cause the other person to feel so violated and hurt when they realize you may not really love themLove can make you do some crazy things.

That’s why I decided to write this blog. In examining my own life and usage of the word, I do a horrible job of properly using love in a sentence. I’m not sure about you, but for me, I love to say love. I’m at the store, “oh, I love those shoes over there.” “I love lasagna.” “I love that coat.”– I literally attach I love to every single activity or inanimate object. Why do I love these things? Do I really love them? Absolutely not, I’m in strong like, but I haven’t fallen in love.

I sometimes feel as though I really have become desensitized to the word. By no means does this take away its power and authority, because it still will accomplish its goals, whether used the right or wrong way. But, I am unaware of its power and the authority that I have when I say it to someone else. From now on, I want to say this word and absolutely know just how much of an impact it has on my family or others.

How do you use the word I love…? Do you use it loosely or only when it’s necessary?


Check back on this Thursday for the challenge I’m going to give you!! Stay tuned!



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11 responses to “I Love…

  1. Very cute insights youve got! 🙂

    But sometimes Love actually means just the way you say it, and not why.

  2. I’m also guilty of overusing the word “love”…although I use the phrase “I love” a lot more than “I hate”, so I suppose that’s a good thing…

    Your post made me think…


  3. what it is…

    It is nonsense

    Says reason

    It is what it is

    Says love

    It is misfortune

    Says calculation

    It is nothing but pain

    Says fear

    It is hopeless

    Says insight

    It is what it is

    Says love

    It is ridiculous

    Says pride

    It is careless

    Says caution

    It is impossible

    Says experience

    It is what is

    Says love

    Erich Fried (Translation by M. Kaldenbach)

  4. Tis a word i use sparingly…purely because, as you pointed out, with over use it can lose its meaning…but i am a believer in making sure those that we do indeed love, know it…a most thought provoking blog…hope you enjoy the poem..~smiles~

  5. i love to use the love word…its such a lovely word how can you not love it….

    by the way…i love this post…lol


  6. Woow Really like your post ! Xoxo

  7. Great article.. one we need to hear more of..
    Society is desperate to know and understand what this word ‘love’ actually means.. and how to walk in it..

    Great to hear you unveiling such truth in such areas..
    Looking forward to hearing more Lakia!

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