Climbing Towards Destiny

You’re climbing to the top—almost there! Just a few more inches and you’ll arrive at your final destination. It’s taken 

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 you a lot to get there, but in just a few short minutes, you will have arrived. Pure bliss surrounds you as you realize that you have almost made it. 

But suddenly…

 “Uh oh! What’s going on?? Something’s happening… something’s going terribly wrong! I’m seemingly falling back down the mountain when I should be going up it. Something’s weighing me down. I can’t move. I’m slipping further and further back down it… what’s happening?? I feel so tired. I don’t understand why this is happening to me!” 

You’re doing everything right and almost at the top, but you forgot one major thing. The rocks and stones that you “pre-packed” in your backpack will eventually tire you out if carried for long periods of time. In essence, the higher and longer you climb the more energy you exert—this weighs you down. In life, we are always climbing. Climbing to graduate from school, climbing towards financial freedom, climbing to love our neighbors, but we have “pre-packed” stones and rocks [negative mentalities] that are weighing us down.You thought that masking and covering up your “issues” (the unforgiveness, hate, disappointments, and your attitude)  would go unnoticed too, but the past always has a way of making you remember, as it will slowly creep up on you. 

When will you let go?

Today, as you continue climbing, throw away your backpack! You don’t need it anymore. It is causing you to fall back down and lose much ground. Let go of the old mindset and mentality that has causes you to keep falling. Embrace FREEDOM.



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15 responses to “Climbing Towards Destiny

  1. Nice post.. inspirational

  2. redriverpak

    Great post! I did as you instructed and dropped my backpack….but seeing as how I am an Idiot….I dropped it right on my foot, shattering it in 12 places…. (I had a full backpack) 🙂 Have a great day!

  3. Interesting post; gives a lot to think about.

  4. a very interesting post to read

  5. nikkele

    Sis this was so on time you just don’t know!!! I was just talking about this with a friend of mine. God is good.

  6. Very good post, uplifting, positive and inspiring
    never let go keep climbing no matter how uphill things seem. Dropping of that baggage from previous experiences does make the climb more easier.

    • Thank you! I agree 🙂

      • Your welcome, just have to stay focused regardless of what lies ahead as for your blog i`ll be checking back you’ve just made yourself a new fan.

        positivity helps us move forward and negativity only holds us back

      • Thanks so much 🙂 Yes, positivity does help us move forward!! Be sure to stay tuned to my very first book coming out 🙂 –Really inspirational

  7. great i`m a aspiring writer as well, the power of the internet! it pull like minded individuals together.

  8. Shawn Price

    SO proud of you. Was looking up here to read something that would encourage me. I got it!!! 😉 Thanks

  9. Your the bomb! so loving this blog, will be back soon

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