Is the Grass Really Greener?

“My grass is dying, why can’t it be green and pretty like hers? I hate looking at it, why can’t it just grow the way it’s supposed to? I like that pretty green grass over there…hmmm…”

Attributed to: weaselmcfee

The other day, I had a conversation with a friend that sparked some thought-provoking questions.

  • Is the grass is really greener on the other side?
  • When you actually make it to the other side (you get what you want) is it really worth it?

We get so caught up in looking at the bigger and better things that we fail to recognize that what we have right NOW is really amazing too. We look at our spouses and say, “I wish he would buy me roses, like her husband.” –Your husband would probably buy you roses too, if you treated him better. Or, we look at the other person getting a raise at work saying, “How did he get a raise, he doesn’t deserve it!”– You could probably get a raise too, if you showed your boss you weren’t so lazy.  

We concluded the conversation with: “Your grass could be green too, if you take care of it!”

Take care of what you have because sometimes you don’t know what you got until it’s gone. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Be wise!



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14 responses to “Is the Grass Really Greener?

  1. Girl in the Red Shoes

    Definitely true! And even if it so happens that one or two of the flowers are blooming on the other side, the truth is that sooner or later those flowers will die. Everyone has their set of problems. Just take care of yours.

  2. nikkele

    This was great. Introspection is necessary in order for us to grow as we should. If you don’t mind I’d like to add you to my blogroll. Please let me know if it’s ok. Be blessed!

  3. I enjoyed this post because every time I come out of my house, I compare my lawn to the other neighbors lawns. The truth is I need to work on my own lawn. And I will. :). Thanks for a great great analogy.

    • LOL! You sound like my grandfather!!! He’s always staring at our neighbors. Our backyard is almost grass-less because he’s always out there playing with it lol He mows dirt LOL

  4. God bless you a million times for this! It was so timely. I wish i could ‘re-blog’ it. But am sure gonna write something about it on my blog. Thanks Lakia!

  5. sommerstern

    I just came across your blog – and I have to say your post really touched me. It’s so true that we compare ourselves to others way too much, become jealous and forget to look at ourselves.
    Thanks for postig it and keep up the good work!

  6. “Your grass could be green too, if you take care of it!”

    Great quotation, great suggestion. Thanks!

    I also linked the post to my twitter/blog.

    I’m off watering 😀

  7. hmmmm grandfather?!!! okay! lol

  8. “I wish he would buy me roses, like her husband.” –”Your husband would probably buy you roses too, if you treated him better”- haha. Good read though, people are always too busy peaking over the fence instead of admiring their own yard and appreciating what they have. I have a blog about the exact same thing lol.

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