Reposition Yourself

Attributed to: Aunt Owwee


Tap-tap-tap-tap Boom-boom-boom-boom!  

 There you stand, steadily rapping at the door. You’ve been there for awhile, knocking, but no one seems to be home. In your mind –The car is parked right there, so someone has to be home, maybe they’re upstairs; maybe they’re in the shower; maybe the basement, but can’t hear me—they have to be here. You keep knocking.  

 Fast forward ten minutes and now you’re sitting on the front stair. Hands tucked under chin and elbows on knees. “She just said she was at the house, what happened? Where did she go?”  

 –Well, if she can’t hear me, I’m going to knock on the side window!  

 You do, but no answer.  

 – Maybe I’ll make my way to the side door!  

 You do, but still no answer.  

 –Ok, I’ll try tapping on the side window.  

 Tap-tap-tap-tap… The window flies open.  

 –Hey! I didn’t know you were outside, I didn’t hear you. We were in the basement working on your birthday gift. I’ll come open the door now.  

 –Wow, she was there the whole time; I just had to reposition myself to be heard.  

 Sometimes, that’s what life is all about… repositioning ourselves. For instance: your ultimate dream job is waiting for you; however, you’re taking the traditional route to get there. They need your talent and abilities, but you have to sell yourself in a different way. The old black and white resume isn’t going to work anymore; you have to take another route to be heard.  

 In all, you’re blessing is waiting for you and hasn’t gone anywhere…All you need to do is reposition yourself to be heard.  

 The word of the day: Reposition.  




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2 responses to “Reposition Yourself

  1. nikkele

    When I read the part where they were in the basement, I thought to myself “Ain’t that something?!” This was a great way to get the message across. I have to meditate on that.

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