Lakia’s Gifts To You

Attributed to: h.koppdelaney

Hey everyone! I am very excited about this NEW season of giving. Yep, it’s the most wonderful time of the year… and I’m alive to partake in it again, thank God! I think this year has had its ups and downs, but the thing that makes me smile most, is the fact that I gave out of my need.  I’m not claiming to have it all, but when I saw someone who needed money, food, or an encouraging word, I would make it my responsibility to respond to that individual’s need. Even though the year is almost up, I still want to continue with that.

So, I thought, I want to give my readers something awesome…12 gifts… They aren’t materialistic, of course, but come from the heart. Over the next couple of weeks I will give you (similar to the 12 days of Christmas)… you know the lyrics [On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…] gifts that will help you to grow. I hope you’re ready and will enjoy them. 

Stay tuned for the first message…



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