LG’s Gift Day 6

On the sixth day, I would like to give you a message that reminds you that words are powerful.

Words hold weight. For those of us who don’t believe they do, think again. Words are small containers of knowledge. When you break them down you are able to unveil a different meaning. Make sure this holiday season, when you’re with your family and friends, to be mindful of your speech. Please, rethink the harsh joking or putting others down. Enjoy their company and speak words that are really uplifting to them. I’m telling you, once you do, you will see a drastic change in their attitudes and behaviors!

Attributed to: TerryJohnston



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One response to “LG’s Gift Day 6

  1. I believe in “the power of the pen”….writing is a very serious thing, especially when depressed or sad. I know i write best when i’m feeling sad/depressed/or just plain mad. It’s like a nerve pill.

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