Inspiration vs. Stealing

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WordPress is a place where we are able to share our thoughts and life experiences via our blogs. Oftentimes, we convene to become inspired, motivated, build our brands, stay up-to-date on the latest information, etc.—this is always based on our own personal expectations. However, one thing that writers do not come for is to have their ideas and concepts appropriated (this is the pretty term for stealing—taking without permission or consent).

Writers, artists, dancers, they work very hard to come up with creative ideas that make their material stand out above the rest. What they do takes time.

We think, “Oh, since, I’m not taking it verbatim (I changed one or two things) I’m creating something completely different”, or, “I’m only borrowing—without their consent” –this is not the case.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe that we are to be inspired by others; hence my themed website ( Living to Inspire.) But, there is a very fine line that we must walk.

From the dictionary, inspiration means to influence or impel. “You impel me to write a blog.” A little further down, it also means to communicate or suggest by a divine or supernatural influence—for me, this speaks volumes (we will discuss this later). On the flipside, though, appropriation is taking an idea or concept without permission or consent. Can you see the vast difference?

Further exploring the second definition of inspiration, we see it to stem from a Divine or supernatural influence. What this tells me is that the Creator inspires me. He breathes on my life via my prayer time and spending hours in His Presence to give me divine creativity, something uniquely for me…Now that’s awesome!

“But, when I ask Him, He doesn’t give me great ideas…why doesn’t He do it for me?”

Well, you want my opinion? He can, but there are some barriers in the way… and it starts with YOU. Here’s what I found:

1. We are too lazy — it’s too time consuming and so much effort, I want the idea NOW.  We don’t want a relationship with God, only His ideas. Or, it’s easier to take from someone else.

And 2., We don’t recognize our own special qualities, so we compare ourselves to others. We think we are “admiring” or being “inspired”, but we end up appropriating ideas.

Ladies and gentlemen, at the end of the day, I believe we have so much talent wrapped up within us. But, in order to unlock those treasures [writings, movie scripts, dance moves, multi-million dollar ideas, etc.] we have to seek the Giver, not the gifts.

In a nutshell, I don’t want just any idea, but God-breathed ideas that will impact a generation…



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8 responses to “Inspiration vs. Stealing

  1. Amen! To add one more item, some people think divine inspiration is always this supernatural moment when in fact very often the Lord speaks to us plainly and quietly. We have to be in a constant state of listening for God, and in order to do that we must cultivate a relationship with him so that we can recognize his voice when he speaks.

  2. Cannot agree any better to your line.God breathed ideas will sure impact not just a generation but every generation .

    Just want to bless you with this.

    May the Lord breathe upon you His creativity, for His thoughts and words will never come back empty. They will achieve what It was meant to.

  3. @Nikkele– thanks for your comment! I agree with what you said, “He speaks plainly and quietly!” When He speaks to me it’s always through something so simple.
    @dorcas– thank you SO much for that word, very inspiring!! Let’s impact a generation with God-breathed ideas 🙂

  4. It’s a thin line. I guess the theme and style can be inspiring but if we use content with a change here and there, it’s robbing. I suppose the idea should be inspiring and the rest should be original. Idea robbing keeps happening all over the world all the time. It is more so in commercial areas where there is heavy competition and deadlines to be met. Like you said, this makes people want the idea NOW. I also agree with you when you say that God inspires our ideas. However I have another take on it. God gives everyone a talent that’s pre-designed. The person, I feel, must listen to that call and use that talent with a good purpose. For example, if God gave me the talent of art and I want to become a movie actor there’s bound to be disaster. That’s why they probably say that nature punishes those who don’t use their God given talents. I mean we shouldn’t try to be a sqare peg in a round hole. Neither should we try to change our square peg into a cylinder.

  5. “The bad artists imitate, the great artists steal.”

    -Pablo Picasso

  6. @oxydizer- thanks for the wisdom
    @shenanitim- LOL thanks for the Picasso moment 😉

  7. This is simply beautiful. I especially enjoy the very last line. 🙂 That is going to be one of my new favorite quotes.

  8. I appreciate your rundown of inspiration versus stealing. I agree that most people are too lazy and impatient to think of their own ideas — just look at the movie and music industry! The world needs creativity and it is a shame that artists and inspirationalists are afraid of thieves stealing their creations.

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