Stay In Your Own Lane!

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We were all given specific “lanes” in life. There are lanes of business, arts and entertainment, family, government, education, and religion that we may have been designed to operate out of. You have the skills and abilities that have been specifically designed for you to go full speed ahead, if you embrace what you were called to do.

Oftentimes, though, as we are driving in our own lanes in life (out of the corner of our eyes) we watch others flying pass us and them seemingly enjoying what they love to do. In a matter of no time, their lifestyle becomes appealing and suddenly, our lanes aren’t as exciting to us anymore. We think: Her business is excelling very well, maybe I’ll go into business for myself. He has the perfect family; I think we will mimic what he’s doing. She just wrote a book; I think I’ll write one too!

You could have it all—the money, cars, prestige, etc., but aren’t quite sure where you fit in. For that reason, you have the potential to become attracted and enthused with another person’s life, talents, popularity, physical attractiveness, wealth, prestige, etc.  When this happens, the potential to “sideswipe” or “merge” into the other person’s lane becomes easy. The bad part about this is that when you allow yourself to become enamored by every thing or person passing you by, you will keep switching lanes, which increases your risks of having an accident. Unfortunately, you risk hurting your passengers (family) or your insurance (the money you paid into your own lane, i.e. business, studio, book, etc.) going up–it doesn’t look too pretty for you because you weren’t licensed to be there.

No matter which lane you find yourself  in, you have to make due with what you’ve got; you have to become satisfied with your own talents and abilities. Of course, there may be times when you are able to merge over and branch out into other areas; however, don’t do it just because someone else is doing it. Don’t stop what you’re good at just because someone else may “seemingly” have it altogether. Inevitably, know the speed at which you’re supposed to travel, know which lane to merge in (if you’re supposed to), and/or “stay in your own lane.”

***I thought I would share with you an excerpt from my book 🙂 ***



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8 responses to “Stay In Your Own Lane!

  1. Very true, love it, Lakia. Also love the artwork you included. 🙂

  2. eternallyhopeful

    Love the analogy! Great job! ~~Roxanne

  3. “The bad part about this is that when you allow yourself to become enamored by every thing or person passing you by, you will keep switching lanes..”

    Could not have said it better! Honey, this entire post was out of sight!!!!

  4. thumbles

    The ‘not flitting between lanes’ concept, as a metaphor for self-satisfaction and reliance, I appreciated. However, I think there are many instances where changing lanes is a good thing, even if you are doing well the way you are right now. Expanding into different lanes can affect the other areas of your life beneficially as long as it’s done carefully enough. If someone has it better I appreciate your warning not to instantly follow in their footsteps, but there will be something to be learnt from their success, so examining them, even switching into their ‘lane’ can be a good thing.
    I know that you haven’t maintained that we’re meant to just drudge along in our own little ‘lanes’, but the suggestion that we have any one set route to begin with just didn’t gel with me.

  5. Hey there! We mentioned you in our latest blog. Check it out!

  6. @ruby- thanks for stopping by 🙂 I’m glad you liked it!
    @eternallyhopeful– glad you enjoyed
    @Nikkele– thaaaaaanks 🙂 That was one of my favorite quotes
    @sixthirtythree– thanks
    @thumbles– First off, I can tell you are an amazing writer by the way you expressed yourself– awesome. So, thank you so much for your insight and leaving food for thought. Explanation: Also, I hope I didn’t come off as though it were ok to stay in your own lane forever and ever lol. This post was more for people who seemingly aren’t happy with their own lanes in life and ALWAYS, no matter what, jumping into another person’s lane. Definitely, I believe that we should move into other areas that we may be talented in; however, to just move into that area because you see someone else in it, doesn’t sit well with me. I think we all have our own areas or spheres of influence (it could be in a variety of fields) and I just don’t believe that we have to mimick or copy someone else; mainly when it stems out of envy, jealousy, or an attempt to be better than the other person. (I should have done a better job explaining this.) I am all about inspiring others to be comfortable with who they are, not look at someone else and devalue their life, success, or the things that make them beautiful and unique. I think when we take our eyes off of what we are supposed to be doing, it insinuates that what we have is not as significant. I hope this makes sense lol. But, again, thank you so much for your comment because it was greatly appreciated.
    @ournote2self–thank you so much! I checked it out and loved that you selected me for the Stylish Blog Award!

  7. How true….I love the way your express this idea of keeping up with the Joneses 🙂

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