Happy Sunday

Today is a great day. I hope everyone is having a great day too 🙂 I sense that this week is going  to be a week full of surprises and opportunities–please, take advantage of them.

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12 responses to “Happy Sunday

  1. I feel the same way. This morning I had prayer before work and felt I was going to learn something new about myself. I am excited today just because. Bless you!

  2. My son came home from school in a super happy mood today, so he must be having a great day, too. =)

  3. fingers crossed foe a good week

  4. Great way to start the week.

  5. So do I,Lakia , so do I 🙂

    At the end of this week, will you tell us how have you been or if this week has given great surprises to you?

  6. @everyone– I hope you guys had a fabulous week!! I hope this week is a good one for you too 🙂

    @Javi– Actually, my week was pretty good! I didn’t get any surprises 😦 However, on today I had the opportunity to speak and it went really well. I am anticipating the next few weeks to be really full of surprises and good things to happen. I will keep you guys posted 🙂 Thank you so much for asking.

  7. Me alegro mucho de que te haya ido bien el día , Lakia.
    Me esta gustando bastante lo que he leído de tu blog, y el hecho de que hables mi idioma, me llena de orgullo y alegría!
    Aunque recuerdo que escribo mi blog en inglés, por supuesto. Mi objetivo es mejorar.

    Felicidades por el blog Lakia.

    ( I wrote this in my language, spanish, because I read that you are a Spanish professor or that you studied Spanish language. I will always write in English, but this was just testing you :P)

    • Hablo un poquito 🙂 . Hace 10 años que aprendí el idioma pero nunca practica ahora porque no tengo amigos para practicar. Me encantan español y cultura!! De donde eres?

  8. Im from Spain
    Nice to meet you 😀

  9. Thank you, Sunday was pretty good indeed!

  10. Ruth

    Nice! It’s a good positive thought to start the week with! 😉 Hope you had a good week 🙂

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