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As a young girl I was fearless. Really, I never even had one ounce of doubt. For me, it was really just starting the project because I had confidence that whatever I put my mind to would be a success. I never thought twice about it. Point blank.

Now, twenty something years old and venturing off into unknown territory, it becomes a little fearful when you have to step out.  No more talking the talk, but it’s now time to walk what you’ve been talking! And of course, here comes the doubt and fear trying to step on your dreams. Do I really have what it takes to make it? Absolutely! I do and YOU do.

What is FEAR? F.alse E.vidence. A.ppearing to be R.eal.

Meaning, I found every reason in the book not to give my book to an editor; I thought nothing would work out in my favor. “What if no one likes the concept of my book? What if people become offended? Is it even good enough to compete?”–This is not my reality! I WILL succeed. And what I used to believe, are mere memories of the past.

With that being said, time to prepare for my NEXT book!

This week, I wanted to encourage all who have been gripped by fear. Fear of going to the next level of a relationship, fear of publishing your first book, fear of writing your first book, fear of starting your own business—just ANY type of fear that has been holding you back. From experience, I know how unproductive it can make you. Please, think twice and overcome your fears by stepping out on your passion.  YOU have a future.  Repeat after me, I will not be afraid anymore.

Have you ever been gripped by fear? If so, in what ways did it affect you? How did you overcome? Or are you still dealing with those issues?



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13 responses to “Gripped

  1. Nik

    Well said and timely!

  2. easylifestyles

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  3. A great post that I hope has inspired many to overcome their fears. I suppose my biggest fears all revolve around being bored- but I usually never have to face those fears.

  4. Ms. Moe

    Yes ma’am! Love this post. Fear has deep roots in our lives, but as you stated, we must step out and live!

  5. FEAR is a Four letter word…… not allowed in my house…..unless it’s a great Sci-Fi movie…….
    Nice post!

    spread the humor.

  6. Great post. I’ve learned a few things about fear:
    1) It happens.
    2) You can walk through it.
    3) Love is the opposite of fear.
    4) If you dig down in anger far enough, fear is always underneath it.
    Fear used to run my life, but it doesn’t anymore. I kept waiting for courage, and then someone told me courage is just being afraid but doing it anyway.

  7. @nik- thanks 🙂
    @easylifestyles– thanks for stopping by
    @Posky–boredom ugggggh lol
    @Ms. Moe– we HAVE to step out and live, if not, then we are never truly living life to its fullest. Thanks for your comment
    @charly– LOL “unless it’s a Sci-Fi movie” heeehehehe
    @accidental– your #3– is right on! I would even go as far to say that PERFECT love casts out all fear– that’s Scripture!! Whooo hooo 🙂

  8. If a person decides to be honest about themselves, even if it only with themselves,they will have to admit that fear is ubiquitous in everybody’s life. Fear of solitude, of being rejected, of being misunderstood, of not being forgiven. It is a part of life.
    It can be transformed, but first one has to accept it.

  9. The Chic Nerd

    Beautiful post; I think we’ve all had a taste of fear before. :/ For me, there’s tons of things I’m afraid of in life, but I guess we just have to step it up and be…well…fearless. 🙂 You got it spot on! I have to admit, the feeling of conquering a fear is awesome, exhilarating, amazing. It’s worth the long and stomach-turning ride. 😉

  10. next book?? wow congrats on your writings!!! i had a lot of fears in life but i just think everything is gona be ok and so they disappeared….

  11. Kim

    I have been taken by fear very often. It’s just that I can’t remember anymore :S

  12. Fear used to be my middle name Lakia. I did a lot of running in my life for fear of “this” or “that”. Over the years, I have just learned to “DO IT AFRAID”! I wish I did this perfectly. Fear wins when it stops us from stepping out. Doesn’t mean we won’t feel afraid at times. We just gotta “keep swimming”. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!

  13. @fornormal–that’s good stuff! I think we all have experienced fear in our lives at one point or the other.
    @thechicnerd– YES! When you conquer fear it’s such an amazing feeling. But, you also have to keep in mind that it will try to sneak back up on you too, so you have to be on guard!!
    @eva– you’re right, everything will be ok. You don’t have to dwell on those fears because at the end of the day the fears are false. And yep, I’m in the process of getting everything together for the book.. it’s taken FOREVER, but almoooost here lol
    @Kim–I think we all have at one point in time, I’m glad that you’re not allowing it to conquer you!!
    @cloudsfullofrain–Same here!! It used to be my middle name; however, I kept “swimming” and now I’m on the other side 🙂

    Thanks everyone for your wisdom!!

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