Lifestyle Consultant, Kelly R. Davis

Ready to Get Fit?

I’m so excited to feature a young lady that truly inspires me in health and wellness (and Lord knows I need it lol). She is a Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant that will give you advice, tips, or even help get you back in shape. Trust me, if you’re in the Washington DC area and need ANY of this, then you have to check out the owner, Kelly R. Davis aka “the Lifestyle Consultant”.

The Lifestyle Consultant’s Humble Beginnings: the Story

Why She Chose to Start Her Business


I worked my way through graduate school with the hopes of adding work experience to my resume which was filled with mostly education and volunteer work. As with most young professionals, I entered the workforce with the idea that if I worked hard, I would be compensated accordingly. However, I learned very quickly that no matter how much education or work experience a young person possesses, most employers will start you off at entry level position.

Don’t get me wrong, I was grateful for the opportunity to work. I just didn’t understand how employers would expect workers to have a college degree, reliable transportation, and foot the bill for medical insurance. Didn’t they know that all this things cost money? Money that was to be taken out of the entry-level salary they were paying us. After budgeting for the month for student loans, credit cards, food, rent, utilities, etc; I would be lucky to have twenty dollars to go to the movies.

A few years into this new journey, I decided enough was enough. I moved to a new city and decided it was time to re-invent myself by doing two things that I love- helping others and exercising. I’ve learned so much about life in the last six months. The number one lesson: never become cynical, it’s counterproductive.

 This idea has become more successful than I had ever hoped. Now I am getting paid to encourage others to chase their dreams just as I have done. When I tell people I am a Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant, it serves as an ice breaker for most people to share their successes and failures in overall health and wellness. It gives me the opportunity to provide an outside perspective of their current situation, and help them set realistic goals for the future. There is no greater feeling than waking up in the morning and feeling as though you aren’t working, instead, you are helping take steps towards a better future.

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