My Dear Sweet Unique June

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Thank you for the different translations of June

I decided to do a series in dedication of the most bizarre, unique holidays of the month of June. While surfing the web I found a ton of them that I had no clue existed; I would like to share them with you, but with a twist. I will share the holiday with you, but also incorporate a positive message with it.
We all have unique qualities that we may be too shy, embarrassed, or afraid of showing other people. But, THIS month, we are going to embrace EVERY quirky thing about ourselves. As we go through June, please, share with me what makes you “bizarre”–what is it that you like to eat, wear, drink, etc.? We are going to send positive messages around the world that we LOVE ourselves, no matter how different we may be. Please, stay tuned to the posts because we’re going to have fun! Please note: Some of the holidays may not really exist, but it’s fun to do anyways 🙂

Our theme: Embrace the unique qualities about yourself that make you…YOU!

Our first bizzare holiday:

 June 1st  (yesterday) was National Dare Day

As you go throughout this week and weekend, I challenge you to give someone (that you do not know) a compliment. You can tell them how nice their shoes or clothes are, you can tell your waiter or waitress that they’re doing an excellent job, the cook that he/she did a great job! Whatever your heart’s desire!!  Just make sure you give them a positive compliment and make them smile 🙂 . When you’re able to compliment someone else, it speaks volumes of your own esteem; that you are comfortable in your own skin.


Also be reminded of D.A.R.E–Drug Abuse Resistance Education



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2 responses to “My Dear Sweet Unique June

  1. Hi Lakia! I love to give compliments and receive them too. After all, there is always something unique and special “within” each of us. No doubt, it’s our inner spirit that keeps us all connected. It’s the “spirit” that empowers us to make a difference. Anyway, keep making a difference! I am glad that I came across your blog. I will be dropping by often. If you get a chance, I hope you will check my blog out too. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. i remember we used to have a whole after school session about was pretty cool. now they dont do it in junior high schools…its pretty sad cause the kids should get this type of info

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