Father’s Day 2011

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June 19th  (Sunday) Father’s Day

 How could we discuss holidays and not even mention Father’s Day? Impossible.

This holiday is a day for us to enjoy and appreciate our fathers, or those who have played father-like roles within our lives. Enjoy and love them while you have the opportunity. Shower them with your love, creativity, and joy.

With that being said, although I did have my father to call, I didn’t have the emotional bond with him. (You can check out my article, Daddy’s Little Girl). I didn’t feel like he loved me, so I always tried to prove to him that I was good enough. I tried so hard. I never embraced who I was because I didn’t know who I was until I started to realize, I’m good enough just the way I am–I don’t have to strive for someone to love me. Today, I’m also reminded that there are many men and women just like me; trying to compensate for the love that wasn’t shown– you desire someone you can call father. If this is the case, please, know that all hope is not lost. I know someone who has the ability to love you just the way you are, and that’s my Father–Jesus. When you’re alone and no one to turn to, He will be the BEST father you will ever know! Embrace Him in your life today.

Please, take the time out to honor those special fathers, dads, role models or mentors in your life EACH AND EVERY DAY! Also, remember that you don’t have to strive for acceptance because you already are accepted!



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