Nonprofit Papiyon, Inc.

Pronounced– Pap-e-yawhn

In our respective communities, non profits help us to solve problems, heighten the awareness of its members, as well as enrich and advance our interests. This nonprofit, Papiyon, isn’t any different. I have had the pleasure of touching basis with a young lady who aspires to impact the youth of Jonc Dodin, Haiti.  Please, help me welcome, Papiyon Inc. along with the Founder, Berlina Baudin.


1 Peter 2:21, “For you have been called for this purpose, since Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example for you to follow in His steps.


I believe God led me out of Jonc Dodin, Haiti for a reason — to prepare and strengthen me for this simple reason: to go back and help the youth in my old community.

 I started Papiyon Inc. last year. It is a Christian nonprofit organization that gives children in my hometown of Jonc Dodin, Haiti, the opportunity to prepare for their future while growing in their faith.  “Papiyon” is the Creole term for “butterfly,” and just like a caterpillar transitions into one, the organization aims to help children transition into responsible, hopeful young adults.

 As a child, my parents sent me to the United States to live with my uncle in New Jersey (it was not unusual for Haitian

Property of Papiyon

 parents to sometimes leave children with other family members while they went to another country to work and send money back home). I now believe that God has placed me in the U.S. to help the youth in Haiti who may not have any place to go. I believe that everything we have is a blessing from God, and with Him everything is possible.

I wanted to spread awareness and the mission of Papiyon, so please help pass the news around about this purposeful organization, and join our mission to enhance culture, identity, strengthen spiritual values, teach new skills, and restore self esteem through various educational tools and training. The hard work and dedication will never be overlooked by me. We have come so far and have a long mile to go, but we are willing to love like Jesus loved children. Keep us in your prayers, and for Papiyon to be a successful organization that helps shape and mold the future youth in Jonc Dodin.

Contact Information: 

 Berlina Baudin, Founder / President of Papiyon, Inc.

Website: The Papiyon Foundation

Volunteer information: 

Thanks Berlina for being an inspiration, I’m Inspired



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2 responses to “Nonprofit Papiyon, Inc.

  1. This is an awesome post and I am inspired by it.

  2. WOW! This is very cool, that you are going after making a difference. Best wishes in you endeavors.

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