Changing As We Speak

 1. Today is such a great day.  

2. I would like to share with you love and encouragement.

3. Why?

4. Because it’s Tuesday!

“Sometimes we can change a situation. When you can’t change it, change yourself.”

Photo: True Ways for Pakistan

Change is inevitable and sometimes it’s easier said then done. If you’re experiencing difficulties accepting change or the changes you’re about to undergo, put a big smile on your face because it’s not as bad as you think. I had to change various negative habits and it sucked, but I survived. If you are able to embrace the changes in your life and look differently at your circumstances, then half the battle is over. The situation may continue to exist, but if you work on changing your bad habits, speech and develop character, when the situation arises again, you will conquer what blows your way.  

You can make it.


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11-11-11-Mark you calendars ❤



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8 responses to “Changing As We Speak

  1. i love this! i am in the process of changing some negative habits in my own life, and honestly, i have NEVER been happier. this was a wonderful post!


  2. occultoantonio

    Dedicated to Lakia

    “That’s the one the butcher
    Wraps in a newspaper
    And throws on the rusty scale
    Before you take it home
    Where a black cat will leap
    Off the cold stove
    Licking its whiskers
    At the sound of her name.”

    (From Jackstraws – Charles Simic – 1999)
    Hi, great blog.

  3. occultoantonio

    Ops… Title: Mother Tongue.

  4. Wow! Praise God that is the truth! If we don’t learn to change ourselves, we will be caught is a web of self pity and self destruction! That is a great message and reminder to all of us, Woman of God! Praying for you to keep up the great work for our God and King!!

  5. thruthzbrwneyz

    thruthzbrwneyz reblogged this from growinghereonearth and commented:

    This is as real as it gets. I think we all can relate, be it in your past, present or …

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  6. I see we are on the same page! I wrote two posts this week about change. Bless you and looking forward to the completion of your book!

  7. @Alexandra– Good! It’s the best feeling when you change for the better. Much success as you continue with your adjustments 🙂

    @occultoantonio– thanks for stopping by!

    @Iva– thank you so much for your words, you are right on point!

    @nikkele– I guess that might be the theme for the week lol I will have to stop by and read your posts 🙂

    Thank you everyone for your insight! 11-11-11 it will be official, the book will be HERE!

  8. In today’s world, it’s the survival of the fittest.
    One has to change in order to adjust.
    Great post. And a very motivating one !
    Looking forward to your book !
    Good luck ! 🙂

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