I’m Living It: Change

On Tuesday I left you with: “Sometimes we can change a situation. When you can’t change it, change yourself.”

Photo: northernsun.com

My week has been crazy! Over the past couple of months I have not been maximizing my potential. I have started projects, and instead of completing them wholeheartedly, and slacked off on numerous occasions. However, today I can say that I grabbed ahold of the quote above and changed MY perspective. My attitude turned from, “I can do it later. Oh, just give me ten more minutes,” to keeping appointments and focusing on one project at a time.

I can say that I’m HAPPY! Sometimes you really do have to alter your mindset.

Make sure you stay tuned for my new book 11-11-11


Quote taken from: quotesaboutchange.com  

11-11-11-Mark you calendars ❤



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4 responses to “I’m Living It: Change

  1. This all sounds very familiar. Everyone goes through periods of weakness. The key is know how to come our of them stringer than you were before:

  2. cheers to that, we can always change/improve ourselves.

  3. @unmasked–I agree! You have to come out stronger.

    @chuckcotton– Yep! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. I have this on a plaque that I have hanging in my home. Such a great quote!

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