Are You Ready for the Truth?

Finally, I’m that much closer to realizing my dreams. I hope you venture over to the website for my forthcoming book due out 11/11/11. Please, share with me the excitement. 

The website:

Also check out the video (via Charles Robinson, thank you!) 




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5 responses to “Are You Ready for the Truth?

  1. My dear…KUDOS!!!!!!!! I cannot wait for the release. Much needed information!

  2. Lakia, I am so proud of you! If you need a review of your book, let me know. I’d love to do that for you. I can’t wait for 11-11-11. You are going to make a global impact with this book.

  3. @Nikkele– Thanks so much 🙂 Stay tuned! We will have contests and a lot of other good things in store! Also, thank you for your kind email. I’m so energized 🙂

    @LaMonique– Thank you SO much for your comments! You really just inspired me 🙂 I’m working on figuring out some individuals to review the book right now, I will DEFINITELY let you know if I could use your assistance. I’m so excited. Thanks for stopping by.

    Thank you ladies!

  4. Kudos! Im following the link & wishing you: BEST SELLERS LIST kind of love. LOL! Literally. (-:

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