We Need a Resolution

Yeeeah, the first post of the New Year; 2012 is going to be epoch! Can’t you feel it?

This month I decided to dedicate every post to a pioneer who changed the world with just a dream. His birthday is January 15th,and I thought, what better way to remember his legacy than to focus on his work ethic, passion and teachings applicable to our lives? I’m excited.

Photo credit: nobelprize.org

When I reflect on Martin Luther King, I don’t see a man who lived off of hopes and dreams, but a man who took intangible thoughts, put action behind them and never stopped believing; he fought hard. This month, as we embark into uncharted territory as pioneers of 2012, hold fast to our words and thoughts; do not allow them to fall to the wayside. When we create resolutions, fuel them with passion and consistently live them out until the end of the year. Dr. King did this without a doubt. He had a dream and ran with it. Did it get tough along the way? I’m 100% positive it did; however, he pushed through. Imagine this. What if he told himself, “I have a dream,” but stopped right there? Where would our country be? We too should adopt the beliefs of the late King and passionately pursue our resolutions.  

Personally, I created goals for my business this year. (Only a sneak peek.) Take a look:

Are you ready to passionately pursue your goals for the 2012 year?

Please, don’t forget to check out:


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7 responses to “We Need a Resolution

  1. Prophetess Pastor Jennifer L. Campbell

    Loving this!

  2. Deidre L. Shannon

    you seem to definitely be on your way!

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