My Teeth Hurt

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A few years back I went to the Ortho-man (orthodontist) with two things on my mind: perfection and pearly whites. I sat in his chair and told him, “Make my smile perfect.” Six hours later, I was walking out the door with my braces feeling…horrible. My teeth were throbbing and aching badly, but I knew the two years would be over in a flash; I wasn’t going to regret my decision.

During the duration of having my braces, I made sure I took proper care of them. I brushed twice per day, flossed after [most] meals and kept my regular appointments with the Ortho-man. When I came out of the braces, two years later, my teeth were picture perfect. I continued with my regular routine but included whitening. I thought I was doing everything in my power to keep them healthy until a few months ago when I started to experience problems; my gums were swelling and bleeding often. I ignored the symptoms until I could no longer take it; I had to visit the dentist.

In her office I sat, nervous and afraid. When she delivered the news, it was a bittersweet moment—kind of like eating Sour Patch Kids®. I found out what was causing the bleeding, but now I had to correct it. Cosmetically, my teeth were Crest-strip white, but internally a mess; I had built up tartar in the pockets of my gums causing inflammation. With the x-rays to prove it, my neglectful ways of caring only about the outside caught up with me. Now, I would undergo deep cleansing beneath the gum line…ouch! Through the pain, though, I was able to gain a lesson.

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Often, we place too much emphasis on the outside and slowly the inner begins to suffer. We offer our picture perfect image to the world, but the reality is that we are bleeding internally. We are broken and hurt by life and the “symptoms” are evident—bad attitude, constant mood swings, insecurity and jealousy—but we are deny them. If we are to heal, we MUST not ignore our hurts and pains. I love what MLK said, “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” If we want to live a healthy life, we must pay attention to the internal and undergo a deep cleansing of our hearts. Inevitably, we need the love of God to heal us internally.

If you would like to learn how to live a healthy life, my new book The Truth about Ugly Women: I want beauty within, helps you get to the deeper rooted issues. Check it out:



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6 responses to “My Teeth Hurt

  1. wow!!! beautifully explained!!! its true!!! world is all cosmetic beauty…no one cares about the inner self!!

  2. Awesome post Lakia. Great analogy!

  3. amybrinager

    Wonderful post! I love how you turned a painful experience at the dentist into a thought provoking analogy. I am very new to the blog world and happened upon your blog and I am glad I did! Your post really made me think. =) Best wishes with your book!

  4. Hello! I discussed an excerpt from your book with my English students and the feedback was awesome. They began to confess how they identified with the examples you shared in the book and there was such a healing. I plan to use your text this semester to have discussion as well.

  5. harpofgold

    This is so true. It makes me realize that we can’t expect our lives to run perfectly if we are not looking at ourselves first and making internal changes.

  6. Nice work Lakia! Your trip to the dentist becomes a life lesson for all. Thanks so much.

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