Reset Yourself

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The other day I was having major difficulties with my phone; for a week I tried to resolve this issue. At my wits end, I decided to call on the trusted expert, my computer geek friend.

In seconds he gave me two solutions: 1. Purchase a new phone, 2. Hard reset the phone. Out of each piece of advice, I definitely did not want to go with the first, so the second seemed most feasible—the only drawback was that I would lose all unsaved data.

After much thought, I pressed the buttons and BOOM, everything was nearly gone. My super cool apps were no longer on my phone and only the built in ones remained.

Broken hearted and dismayed, I still learned valuable lessons.

#1. Often we accumulate so much stuff within our lives that our “storages” (minds and life) become overwhelmed. They may not be bad, but too many without the proper storage capacity will cause a malfunction. In other words, issues come to strengthen you, but you weren’t built to take on every challenge, handle every problem, or conquer every feat by yourself.

#2. Regularly, we need to go back to the basics and remember what drives us. The once small business owner turned multi-millionaire may need to remember the joy he or she felt when they brought quality merchandise to the average shopper, not the new found money and fame.

As I learned these lessons, I am excited about the next stage in life. I’m getting back to being ME.

For you, what fueled or energized you? Why did you choose to walk with God? Why did you go into business? Why did you marry that man or woman? What attracted you to your spouse? Whichever question lies deep within your heart, you must go back to the driving force of why you pursued that opportunity. When you understand that reason alone you will soar.

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  1. Prophetess Pastor Jennifer L. Campbell

    Great word, thanks for the reminder.

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