Good Education + Grades=?

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Yesterday evening I was reflecting on my life and all the values instilled in me at an early age. Even more, I began thinking about the saying repeated over and OVER again: “Lakia, you better go to school and get good grades so that you can get a good job with benefits.”

As a child I held tight to those values and entering college, searched out careers that would help me secure a “good job with benefits.” Nowadays, that word is very almost nonexistent. Companies are plummeting and job security (being able to retire and receive benefits) as we know it is flaky. I have seen people put over twenty years of hard work and dedication into their jobs only to have the Supervisor sit them down to say: “Option #1: We cut your salary in half or Option #2:  Take a voluntary layoff so we can replace you with a younger person who can deliver the same results for a less salary.” Is this what I have to look forward to?

We are living in a time where the formula used back then (Good education+ Good grades= Good job with benefits) is slowly dissolving. The “secret formula” isn’t cutting it. Now, the method may very well be: Good education (college, university or vocation) + Good ole hard work= Entrepreneurship. As I wrote in my Facebook status last night, when I’m fortunate to have children, I want to present to them the optional formula: Get educated and then create your own jobs and also for other people!

Challenge question:

What if the “secret formula” isn’t working? (Just Over Broke=JOB) What if someone else created the formula and you aren’t happy, financially free or just don’t fit the mold? I challenge you, reevaluate the “formula” you were given or suggested. My heart always told me entrepreneurship, but everyone else said JOB because it was all they knew and were told. Even if it’s not for you, make sure you aren’t pushing your formula on others, but allowing them to create their own.

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2 responses to “Good Education + Grades=?

  1. Ms. Moe

    Hey lady,

    I was just thinking this same thought today! The answer is to always work your gifts, talents and skills to create your own. However, in order to do that you must first develop those skills and know people. To build that network and to get practice you have to “work” which can include a job. You’re right the security is gone, but I still think all people should at least try to work for someone else while in high school and college for a few reasons:
    1. You gain insight on what it means to run a business and what you should and shouldn’t do to be successful.
    2. You learn valuable people skills in the process.
    3. You learn discipline, because working to make your dreams come true isn’t easy and you have to be able to stick it out, even when you don’t want to.

    As we grow and learn, continue to create plans and update them. Nothing is guaranteed, but good grades and school at least bring opportunity. With an education you speak the language and have a basic understanding of social norms, finances, etc. Education seperates you from the person without it, and although it doesn’t take a college degree to be successful, at least with one, you’re exposed to people and ideas that allow you to be open minded and aware of your options. Be blessed!

    • Thanks Monique! I really appreciate your feedback! I especially liked what you said, “Nothing is guaranteed, but good grades and school at least bring opportunity.” Thanks for your wisdom 🙂

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