PC12 Day 9

Day 9 : A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most.

My Savior

Whew! I can go on forever about this Person who has gotten me through the most.

Quick synopsis:

I’ve gone through so much in my life. I was hurt very badly emotionally. When I moved to VA over 7 years ago, I  had no idea how much my life would change…for the better. I went through highs and lows throughout my journey to becoming a better me, but He was there all along. Even when I look at my childhood, teenage years and adult years (my life), I can see where He has kept me. When I should have gotten hurt, buried or even locked up, He spared my life. My God is a gracious God and there is NONE like Him. I’m in love, seriously. I thought I was living before, but now I KNOW I’m truly living.

❤ He brought me LIFE.

*Check out more about my life in my newly published book, The Truth about Ugly Women: I Want Beauty Within 



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2 responses to “PC12 Day 9

  1. Prophetess Pastor Jennifer L. Campbell

    Absolutely the ingredients needed to know him in the fellowship of His sufferings. Wonderfully said!

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