Shake Me Up Like a Coke

On June 19th via Facebook I wrote:  When I start getting comfortable, He (God) comes in to shake my world up. Graciously He reminds me, if you think this was all that I had to give you, you were mistaken. “Eyes haven’t seen, ears haven’t heard, neither has your mind fathomed what I have prepared for you.” This status stemmed from the shaking (the changes) that was quickly taking place in my life.

In April I received a phone call that a family member had cancer. In the month of May I was told that she was being hospitalized; that shook my faith. My job was becoming more demanding; this shook my balance. In the midst of it all, I was asked to help teach about Transformation at Bible Study for the month of May, and while at church someone broke into my home and stole personal possessions; that shook my peace and security. While life was shaking, fear, intimidation, anger, resentment, doubt—they all tried to seep in to corrode my foundation. As a baseball player, though, I continued to stand at the plate and hit everything that flew at me. My ears were attentive to the Coach (God) and my eyes on the prize (the purpose.)

In hindsight, though, I learned so much through the vibrations. In every way, I was comfortable where I was and had allowed relationships to die when He wanted to give life. I was content at my apartment, when the ultimate goal (a year and a half prior to moving in) was for me to purchase a home. I was focused so much on my job that Unwrapped International and The Truth about Ugly Women became stale.  Here I was, smack dab in the month of May and had forgotten about the promises of God. What He told me was STILL true if I only trusted in Him and put forth an effort, but I lost focus on what He had prepared for ME.

If your life has been shaken or is being shaken up right now, ask yourself, what’s the underlying meaning? Have you been settling in your relationships? Have you given up on life, your dream home or college education? What about your dream to become a business owner? God wants to remind you that He still has a plan for your life. Remember, the shaking has purpose.



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4 responses to “Shake Me Up Like a Coke

  1. Anonymous

    Great post!! Eager to see what more you have coming from Unwrapped Intl. Keep up the faith and the great work!!

  2. Great post Lakia! We will always have shaking’s in life.

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