I Cannot SEE, God: the Process of Faith

What happens when the Lord compels you into a storm? What happens when you have believed, but nothing has happened; you can’t see anything happening? Or, everyone around you is being blessed but you keep asking, “God, what about me? Have you forgotten?”

A story I can appreciate is Matthew 14: 22-33, when Peter stepped OUT of the boat and WALKED on water. Right now, stepping on water would be equivalent to obedience. The Lord told him to come and he went; Peter stepped out on FAITH and obedience. Often, the Lord will require you to believe and trust in ONLY Him. He does this by requiring you to go through a process. He will tell you to leave when you want to stay; give it back when you want to keep it; or close your mouth when you want to speak. In our natural minds we just want what we want, but God is telling us, “Wait, I’m doing something! Wait, be still because I’m building something within you.” Through this PROCESS, though, He may take us the long route when we want to go the shortest (Exodus). Whichever length of time the route takes, you better believe that it’s imperative you go through it.Question: When you go to the store, do you choose a brand you know will never fail you? A brand that may SEEM similar to the other brands, but beats them hands down? To make that decision, you MUST have tried and relied on it previously. In order for us to know the very essence of His name, El Shaddai, He must take us through something to PROVE who He is. To compel you to call on Him EVERY TIME, He may take you through the WILDERNESS (a place that is uninterrupted by human activity; just you and the LORD), in order to show you who He is. In my case, He is showing me who El Shaddai is: the Almighty One who will provide SUPERNATURALLY when all else fails. Even when I try the doors slam in my face because He wants me, and everyone else who I encounter, to know that it was HIM AND HIM ALONE who blessed me. So when I try to figure it out and do things my way, it never works.

So yesterday, I wrote on Facebook “I’m giving up!” and meant it. Everyone thought my page was hacked, but it wasn’t. I was utterly disgusted and defeated; I have een in this wilderness for 8 LONG, HARD months (but I’m at the tail end.)

In the end, though, take from me two things:

1. It’s ok to have a “moment,” but what happens AFTER that moment is crucial. Do you stay down? Defeated? Or do you shake it off and keep moving?

2. CONTINUE to believe and have faith even when you can’t see anything.

We SAY we trust God and believe who He is, but when all else fails, DO WE REALLY TRUST HIM?

Stay encouraged



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7 responses to “I Cannot SEE, God: the Process of Faith

  1. Anonymous

    This is absolutely a great post! Everyone is beginning to preach the word faith, because we’re living in a time where that’s the only way we’re going to make it. Believing God is in control of all things, and he may not show up when you expect him to, but he shows up on time, in our darkest hour, remember he will not put more on you than you can bare. be blessed.

  2. eternallyhopeful

    Reblogged this on Eternally Hopeful and commented:
    I’d like to introduce my readers to Lakia Gordon. Over 2 years ago, she was my first blog follower as I began this blogging journey. Lakia’s blog was the very first blog that I began to follow. Though I haven’t met her personally, I know that Lakia is a wonderful woman of God and such an inspiration. She has encouraged me, blessed me, and inspired me. She is a leader. I know that God has great and wonderful plans for her life. All of us at times feel, “I want to give up.” But, that isn’t so important. The feeling will come to discourage us. What’s important is that we never give up. God is taking each of us somewhere, and as we trust in Him, God’s beauty, love, presence, and glory will be revealed in our life. There is always something more wonderful to come. We have a mighty King, a wonderful Heavenly Father who loves each of us more than we can comprehend.

    • Thanks Roxanne! I appreciate you taking the time to repost this. It was from the heart and I can’t wait to share more with everyone regarding faith in this season of my life. I will be video blogging these events 🙂 TTYS

  3. I can totally relate to this post. I appreciate your honesty and inspiration. I also appreciate your acknowledgement that it is okay to have a moment. I found this post to be very encouraging for me as I am continuously having to step out on faith, believing God has a plan though I have no clue what it is. Keep writing and shining your light!

    • Thanks so much Roxanne! The season of faith, going through the process, SUCKS lol but the end result, what you learn as you go, molds and creates you to stand when all else fails. Thanks for visiting. Be sure to check out my new youtube channel, where I’ll be candidly speaking about my journey every week 🙂

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