YouTubing It!



Hey guys! I am so excited to present my latest venture, YouTube. I will be over at my new location sharing Real Life, Life Lessons. I am elated about this project and pray that you would join me. My desire is to impact those who are facing difficult situations in life and need encouragement and support. I have taken the Lakia Gordon blog format (Live to Inspire) and incorporated it into the YouTube way. My real life experiences, along with others, will be shared, dissected and the lessons learned will be shared. How are you able to cope with disappointment? What does faith really mean? How can I keep hope alive when the situation seems hopeLESS?

Stay tuned for all that will emerge! I will continue to post here too, so don’t forget to join me.

Additionally, I will announce the new schedule and times of posts. See you.



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4 responses to “YouTubing It!

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  2. this is such a great idea Lakia! I started doing the same thing via youtube and I enjoy the idea. Its random, fun and exciting because you never know what your going to vlog about!!

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