Real Life, Life Lessons

You’ve met someone who has all the qualities you’re looking for. Physically they check out. Personality checks out. Spiritual life seemingly checks out, everything’s good to go. Over time, though, issues start to pop up. Their actions do not line up to what they’re saying. Quickly, you learn that he or she is a COUNTERFEIT, someone who is only a distraction to get you off of your path!! They are a replica of what you’ve always dreamed of, but not really the one.

I was growing closer to God and then I suddenly an imitation of the real thing, a distraction, came along.  Through this experience I learned many valuable lessons.

From this experience I learned several lessons.

Lesson # 1

One of the things that stuck out to me was his unwillingness to meet my uncle and friends. In my mind I didn’t think of it as being a major issue, but God brought it back up and why it was so important. God will not give you anything that needs to be kept a secret. Why can’t you share your love? I found that whenever we hide things, shame, fear, doubt may be present.

Lesson #2

It’s super important to have friends or family involved to meet the person you are considering sharing your heart with. You can’t be blinded by what you see.

Lesson #3

Don’t be “thirsty!” Too eager to get something, desperate, crave attention, wanting someone or something very badly.

Key things to remember:

God has a love story written out for you. Stay focused!

Make sure you check out the  video version via my Youtube channel, where I share more information and tips.



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