Pieces of Me

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Where Do I Fit?

In the puzzle box there are many small, oddly shaped pieces that reveal minor details of a picture. The colorful box displays what the end result should be, but as I reach deep within, I’m unable to determine which piece is next. Jumbled all together I have difficulty trying to decide. The small pieces only give you a vague glimpse as to what and where to go next. It takes strategy, it takes time and it reveals my patience. Am I willing to search for the next step? I mean, there are nearly 1000 pieces in front of me, but am I willing to keep trying? It’s difficult at times because I find pieces that look like the one; however, as I try to put them together they do not fully interlock. Frustrated, overwhelmed and stripped of pride, I often give up temporarily.  However, determined never to be conquered, I revisit the puzzle having repositioned myself with a fresh perspective.  As time elapse, I find a part that fits, and one by one the pieces start to come together. Eventually what’s in front of me coincides with the beauty on the box.

Like my life, there are many gifts and talents, but I keep asking myself, where do they fit? Where does this piece go? God, how do I, when do I, where do I go next? Often He will give us the colorful box to reference back to, the Word, to remind us that there is hope. Yes, soon you will see the end result, but you must seek through the small broken pieces to discover the beauty. As Cubism artwork shows us—objects are analyzed, broken up and reassembled in an abstracted form. This colorful art does not tell a story from one viewpoint, but depicts it from a multitude. In essence, your pieces of frustration, hurt, uncertainty or conflict will one day interlock and the broken story will unfold beauty; you will be complete. Your journey will not only be relatable and inspiring to one person, but several people will look at your puzzle “life” to see the best in their own situation and be INSPIRED.

Have you ever found yourself asking, where do I fit in the grand scheme of things? If so, don’t be discouraged! The pieces will come together, just keep dreaming, believing and putting the hard work in.

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