Dream Possible: New Millennium

              A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to make my way up to Petersburg, VA. As a co-star on the show, the Second Act with Benita Adams, I was super excited because I hadn’t been in an environment such as this before. Our primary focus was to tour New Millennium Studios and interview Daphne Maxwell Reid better known as Aunt Viv from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I won’t give much away because I would love for you to see the episode. I will tell you this, though, I learned so much from the interview I had with her.

             Ultimately, Daphne had several different careers. Naturally, when I heard this, my ears perked up immediately. As a child I enjoyed many Dream Possible different activities such as teaching, writing, acting, and a whole lot more. As I matured in age, the desires to pursue these gifts and talents became intense and I wanted to use them all. Of course, although I desired to pursue these passions, I could not; I was left overwhelmed and frustrated. Even more, I engaged in taunting conversations, “Lakia, you’re doing too much! Pick one thing and stick to it, forget about the rest! You are such an overachiever!” Those thoughts haunted my memory; however, I didn’t believe the Lord would give me these gifts and talents and not allow me to use them. In meeting and hearing Daphne’s story, I embraced these words of wisdom (I slightly paraphrased below).

-Yes, God has given you gifts and talents. You may not use them all right away, but there will be a time and season when you will.

Guys, those words really hit home. I have been struggling with this issue for so long. I was teetering back and forth and allowed those negative conversations to lead me in another direction. However, through her words and being able to see that you can dream big, pursue multiple dreams AND be wildly successful, I felt renewed in energy.


 This is a New Millennium where every God-given gift and talent will be used one day. At the right time it will work, so do not become frustrated or overwhelmed because it will happen! Be diligent.


Check out Daphne Maxwell Reid’s book below:



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