Lights, Cameras, Action- “Is this You”

“Life is a stage and as long as you are breathing you are performing. With every performance you gain confidence, courage, and the satisfaction of accomplishment.” However, every performance comes to an end. The lights are out, curtains closed, and your are now forced to live with the reality you’ve created.
On stage(in public) the show must go on. You must look as if everything is going well, remain in character, and convince everyone around you that you are who/what they see. Then you leave you are in a place by yourself. You realize that you are no longer in character and your are forced to deal with who you are. A battle with yourself has begun and you ask, When will I be comfortable being me? When will the audience applaud and scream encore (accept me) for who I am as oppose to who I portray? This poses as a mere challenge to you and you simply pray to be comfortable in your own skin.
Knowing who you are and understanding what your purpose is serves as armor to assist you in winning the battle of acceptance. When the lights are off, cameras stop rolling, and you remove your make up, the real you is exposed. But, Who are you? You are fearfully and wonderfully made! You are made in the image of the creator! You are EXCLUSIVE! You must begin to demand what you want in life because there is only one you!! Which means that “You Are In Demand”. Ask yourself, is the character I play how I want to be seen? Do I want to continue to front and act or would I rather be able to live comfortably no matter how the audience responds?
If this speaks to you, you must assume the role of Director in the film of your life. You must be able to turn the LIGHTS on, get the CAMERAS rolling and scream ACTIONknowing that your performance will please and be accepted by the person who has made the biggest investment into your show. This Is YOU!!!!!!! 
–James G. Eichelberger

Have you ever found yourself asking, where do I fit in the grand scheme of things? If so, don’t be discouraged! The pieces will come together, just keep dreaming, believing and putting the hard work in.

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