I Want More of Him

Yeeeeahhhh, this is the official restart date of my posting REGULARLY! Every Tuesday and Thursday I am back at it. You know, I had decided to do something different with this blog, but my heart kept telling me I could not do it. The phone call I received earlier this morning struck my heartstrings and confirmed what I was to be doing…writing. So, tonight, I wanted to share something with you deep and personal. To you it may hit home, but for me it will be a release of my heart.

Ok, here goes.

My journey with God has been a long and grueling process. Of course, I had good days, great days and bad days, but overall, all of the ups and downs were needed to build me.

A couple of weeks ago, though, I just got sick and tired being sick and tired. You ever feel like that? You reflect on your life and get fed up? Why is everything falling apart? I can’t stand myself for making the wrong decision when I knew better! I was there. In fact, I was there several times. I was at a point where everything in my life was seemingly “ok,” but I was missing something.

The void in my heart, the one specifically made for God to dwell, was yearning for a deeper level. He had been calling me to come to Him, “Lakia, read my Word, I have something to share with you”, but I was hesitant. I felt Him nudge me. “Lakia, wake up at 5am and hear from Me.” I felt the winds blowing in my life, but I couldn’t submit. I knew that the anointing, the next level, came with a greater price of obedience, so I did my own thing. I was lazy, tired and numb to what He wanted from me. But then, one day, I got tired. The weight of the world was on my shoulders and it didn’t feel good anymore.

You know, when you reach that breaking point, everything that you are is shattered. It’s a state of brokenness that allows you to be vulnerable. Suddenly, you don’t care who’s watching, what car you’re driving, what need isn’t met, all you simply want is Jesus. That was me. People, I am chasing after Jesus because I want MORE and MORE of Him.

Readers, Jesus loves and desires a relationship with you! Go after Him 🙂

Do you have a story when you were fed up with life? Please share with our community.



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2 responses to “I Want More of Him

  1. More than once I went through this phase. I think it’s God telling us that He has greater plans for us and that we should be obedient and follow His lead.

    Thanks for this post and I hope you receive plenty of Jesus in your life! 🙂

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