It Makes You Stronger

makes you strongerIt’s amazing how when flu season comes around, you go to your doctor or local pharmacy to get your shots. As a kid, I didn’t know or understand that they injected you with a small amount of the virus. “Doctor, you don’t want me to get sick, but you inject me with the virus? I’m confused!” Of course, now it makes sense; it was to help build up my system.

Similarly, in the life, the same happens. The issues in your life help to build you up. Yes, what has torn you down, eaten away at your confidence, or shattered your life, it becomes the strength you need in the future. As you continue to live, everything that you went through helps you for the next level in life; ultimately, it makes you stronger. What was your crutch is now your cape, your badge of honor. If it wasn’t for the things you went through, you would never be able to stand where you are now.

What are the “viruses” in your life that have caused you great stress? Is it the negativity, heartaches, gossip, rumors, fear, insecurities? Great news! Once you overcome them, if you allow it, it will make you stronger.


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