Best Is Yet to Come

Part V

I leave you with these thoughts…

  1. The world gives you a vision of what a man should look like, how much money they should have, etc., Even the church will have a definition of a “Godly” relationship and man, but how does God define a man? I’d start there as my blueprint because when He defines it, it looks nothing remotely like society’s standards.
  2. People will prophesy, have expectations, share with you their experiences, start “shaking and quaking” (I love this quote lol) etc., but hear God for YOURSELF for your man or woman.
  3. It is easy to get caught up in the church politics—he has to be the one because he’s the Pastor’s son or daughter, or (s)he is the perfect one for you because you look good together—but if God hasn’t ordained it, step back.
  4. Don’t second-guess what God has told you. YES, He did tell you and He cannot lie.
  5. Better is the END of a thing than the beginning thereof, and the patient in spirit is better than the proud. Ecl. 7:8

Overall, I used to think, “this relationship is some crap!” But just like cow crap, it can still be used for greater purposes. Everything that I have digested over the years, I plan on sharing with others, small nuggets of the relationship before the ring. It was hard. It was flailing. However, it is in the end, when God has called you two together, that He will turn an ugly mess into a beautiful testimony, JUST to show you He is God.

For CR and myself, is there more to come? Oh you better believe it! The trials we went through BEFORE the marriage, well, gets me excited now. If the enemy fought us this hard BEFOREHAND, I know that our purpose/ministry/calling for us will be great. We ready. #TeamRobinson

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3 responses to “Best Is Yet to Come

  1. Thank you so much for sharing Lakia. You guys need to write a book. Thanks for being transparent and again CONGRATULATIONS!

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