He is NOT the One

Part II



When you know the person is the one, and you’re both not ready, it means a lot of hard work is around the corner. I mean, in general, relationships are extremely hard work, but when your relationship is anointed, covenanted by the Lord, you will be sharpened and experience some major adversities. There is a specific reason He allowed you two to meet the time He did. Remember, we both were still overcoming some personal obstacles in our own lives.

We broke up over 1,000,000 times. Ok, that’s an exaggeration, but it was horrendous. We loved each other, HATED each other and everything in between. The fairy tale or honeymoon everyone experiences in the beginning stages of a relationship absolutely did not happen to us when we started dating. Really, we liked each other way more when we weren’t dating, but fought a lot when we started dating. Actually, the first big fight of our relationship happened 2-9-09; coincidentally, it was the day we STARTED DATING! It was a nightmare and a fight to remember.

Our arguing (never anything physical) continued for pretty much of our relationship. After the big blow outs though, where we would stop talking for a few days, I can remember telling the Lord, this guy is NOT the one. However, each time, He confirmed that he was the one. Primarily, He would show me through His word. Certain scriptures would pop off the page when I read. He would then send people I didn’t know to say the right thing. They would confirm that we were meant to be. He would also give me dreams, visions and confirmation in my heart that said to hang in there. It was so draining and annoying to have to deal with it, but we did.

I will say this, though, when your relationship is anointed—set a part for a specific task, special, etc.—there will be trials that show up at your door, especially before marriage. The enemy does not want to see this union come to pass.  Therefore, he will do anything to get you off task. And really, he often doesn’t have to do anything but use your own insecurities and press your buttons to get you out of sort. He knows that you’re still a work in progress and that you two sharpen each other, so he will mess with the untouched, unsubmitted (is this a word? lol) areas of your heart first. Pretty much, he will plant a situation in your mind and watch it catch fire.

If he can get you focused on the issues, he can ultimately get you to second-guess the promises God has for you. It’s like the Garden. The serpent came and asked Eve, “Did God really say?” When you stop to entertain those thoughts, it allows a foothold in your life. You have to KNOW that God said, even when it’s the worst time of your life. You have to extinguish those thoughts immediately!

To be continued…

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  1. Wow what a blessing this is. Very helpful!!

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