He is the One

When Your Relationship is Anointed series

Part I

Photo: Shutterstock

Photo: Shutterstock

I received some messages on how I knew my fiancé (pretty weird saying that) was the one. Well, I’m going to be frank and no holds bar in these posts. I usually am, but I feel it extra imperative to be right now. Mainly, because it’s not a picture perfect romantic story that will have you oohing and aweing! It actually gives hope and will cause you to evaluate the relationship you’re presently in, thinking about or think about the relationship you kicked to the curb because of the “issues.” My journey to this day (engagement) was a hard fight and even now the fight is not over, but I’d love to share with you wisdom and what I learned when the Lord says your relationship is anointed. The way the Lord showed me to do this, it’s going to have to be in several different posts, so, stick around because there is more to come.

When I said yes to God, I knew the promises would come, but I had NO IDEA the fight that I would ensue. The hard work, the obedience, the discipline, the sacrifice—it was all a part of what I needed to go through to ultimately get what He had for me.

I met my fiancé, CR, back in 2008, and when I did I was a wreck, and so was he. He and I had just got out of relationships and both were emotionally hurt. I was getting over my ex and he was too; in fact, he still liked the girl. Naturally, we were attracted to each other, but the Lord specifically told me, you two are not to date. He gave me a prophetic dream that was very detailed in telling me this. Of course, we want what we want. We didn’t get into a relationship but we hung out, texted, talked on the phone, etc.—it had the outside appearance of a relationship, but it was artificial. We were two broken pieces trying to fit, but it just wouldn’t work. We kept hurting each other over and over again because we were being disobedient. It was not our time to be together. God needed to do an emotional healing before we would be any good to each other.

After we finally got the hint, we backed off and started listening to God. About a year of us meeting, the Lord released us to date. Before we did, though, we took a week off to hear from Him to see if we could. No texting, communicating on social media, or anything else. At the end of the week, it was a go. However, I still was unsure if he was “the one.” I started to ask the Lord. About a week or so later, I got my answer.

CR was going off to train for football. The night before he left, I had asked the Lord to show me something, anything that would indicate why this guy was in my space. Well, the next day, a woman came up to me and blew me away with her words. She said, “The Lord has already shown him to you. You know who the one is.” My mouth hit the floor. I prayed, I asked and He answered. From that moment, I knew he was the one, but things didn’t get any easier.

To be continued…

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5 responses to “He is the One

  1. Thanks! This lets me know that when God shows you the one, that you don’t have to move so quickly, but everything is apart of God’s timing.

  2. Another thing that God showed me through this blog is that when He shows you your spouse but it’s not the time for you to come together, that one reason why she may show us our spouse before the timing is for us to pray, war, and intercede for them in areas where they are weak, broken, or just need God more in.

  3. Reblogged this on A Prophetic Walk and commented:
    I was paging through Facebook and saw that one of my fellow bloggers was engaged. Never could I have imagined what her journey to the altar was like. Such a beautiful young woman should have not problems right? This testimony helped me to hold on to my dream. Thanks for sharing Lakia!

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