It’s All in the Name


hello my name isOver the past few months, I’ve been experiencing some of the biggest milestones in life. I turned 30 years old and got engaged to the love of my life. While these are precious, life-changing moments, they’ve also been coupled with some of the most challenging times. One thing after another seemed to happen. At times, it felt as though I was at the mercy of adversity and conflict.

One day, though, the pressure was so intense that I had to call and speak to my aunt. I was angry, confused and extremely hurt that God would give me the worst hand in life. Worst hand? Yes. Where I am today, is only by the grace of God. My childhood on up was scarred with negative memories—not feeling loved, wanting stability emotionally and physically and a lot more. Seriously, I’ve been through so much that I will have to share with you guys one day. Anyway, I was venting and sharing with her and then she said something very profound. “You wouldn’t be Lakia Gordon if you hadn’t gone through what you’ve been through.” What she said was very simple, I probably even heard it before, but at that moment it pierced my heart. Quickly, I sobered up out of my drunken state of pity.

When I think back on that conversation, I realize that my name tells MY story. It shares my testimony, my journey, my life; it identifies me. Every hurt, rejection, pain, and feeling of inadequacy—anything that pushed me to be more, chiseled my life. I wasn’t a victim of circumstances, but an overcomer; it only pushed me. What if I had both parents growing up? What if I felt like I had someone to talk to? What if I had money given to me? Would I be a DreamChaser? Would I care about inspiring others? Would I be working on my Doctorate? Sadly, I don’t think I can say that. I am Lakia Gordon because of what I’ve been through. My story is all in my name.

What story does your name tell? What is your testimony?


As I prepare to be married this year, I do recognize that I will drop my last name, Gordon, and take on another name, Robinson. Naturally, I was a bit hesitant. “Everyone knows me by my name in the business world!” I went back and forth, but I realized that while people may know me as Lakia Gordon, they will soon grow with me as Lakia Robinson. Shortly, I will begin a new chapter in life with a new last name, experiencing new adventures that will shape me as a woman, mother, businesswoman and wife. In the end, I will be known by my new name. Please stay tuned for a short documentary I’m putting together with some amazing men and women who talk to me about marriage and changing names.


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