Twenty fourteen Part I

After years of waiting for opportunity to knock at my door, it knocked…several times. Twenty fourteen started off great! I had opportunities to work with a start-up company, became the face of a new TV show, asked to host fashion shows, and a few other professional goals I desired.  Finally, after years of the “incubator” stage, the Lord was allowing me to freely walk through doors, but it did not come without warning and preparation.  “Do not take every opportunity that comes!” is what He told me.  I did exactly that! I prayed and got the green light before moving forward.

As time progressed, so did my tenacity and trust for the companies; everything was perfect.  But, as we know, time will truly tell if perfection is flawed.  The company I helped build, they sliced my hours significantly.  The company I hosted for, decided not to pay me.  A girl I met, tried to manipulate her way in so she could try to take my job.  Back-to-back the disappointments started to roll in. “What is going on here, God? YOU said!” Honestly, that question didn’t come until another opportunity surfaced.

Just like before, “Lord, if you want me to work with this person, I will do it!” He didn’t say anything.  I repeated myself.  Still, He said nothing.  It wasn’t until I truly laid in His presence that He spoke, not about the opportunity, but my heart.

To be continued…

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