Twenty fourteen Part II

…Continued from Twenty Fourteen Part I

People trying to manipulate and use me to build their brands, and then giving me their word only to renege, barricaded my heart.  Now, bitterness and hurt took control of my heart.  How could I allow this to happen? Well, very easily. There are situations where God will give us the green light, but to what extent? Are you to stay 6 months? 1 year? Are you to be best friends? Business partners?  We try to put people in categories based on our finite wisdom, when God knows the ultimate plan.  He knows what will push you, how long it will take, etc.; He knows exactly what you need!  As for my situations, I needed to go through it to sharpen me for the next level of business opportunities. I needed to know that everything must have a contract in business (nonnegotiable), that I have clear expectations, and most importantly, see what God’s purpose.

You too may be experiencing similar issues or about to go into a new door of opportunity.  Wherever you are, though, stay connected to God. And, if you find yourself hurt, broken or disappointed, recognize that we all make mistakes and it’s ok to say you’re hurt. Run to God and trust Him no matter what.


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