Flight Plan

Don't give up!This week, I have the chance to speak at a commencement. Typically, I enjoy driving to my destination, but this time I decided to fly. I absolutely love flying, but there are three moments on the plane that I absolutely dread—the take off, landing and turbulence. If I had to choose which one I hate most, it would have to be all three; I just can’t decide. So, from Virginia to New York and New York to Pennsylvania, the flight was smooth sailing. It wasn’t until the last fifteen minutes that we hit turbulence.

While it was shaky and bumpy, I looked around to see the other passenger’s expressions and, from the looks of it, some were terrified. Naturally, for me, I felt a little anxiety, but I got myself together. I sat back, closed my eyes and told myself, “You will not allow fear to overtake you, you are on a mission; you have purpose!” At that moment, I became overwhelmed with peace. When I look back on the flight, there was an interesting moment that caused me to parallel life with my destiny.

Here I am, about to land, but right at the last second everything starts to get shaky. There was absolutely no turbulence the entire trip, but as soon as I got closer to my God-given purpose, the shaking starts. The only thing that calmed me down was knowing that God ordained my footsteps; I couldn’t go out like that!

You too may be experiencing the same shaking and turbulence in your life. I would like to encourage you not to give up. Whenever you get closer to what God has for you, the heat will turn up. Don’t shrink back or give up, but recognize that you’re almost there. You will not go down! Be at peace to know that you are right on track.

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  1. You are so right! Let’s stay on course and full speed ahead…. 🙂

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