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Lakia Gordon, Site Administrator

     This is my blog and this is me

    iHeart: — helping aspiring entrepreneurs find creative ways to use their gifts and talents to create wealth.

    iEnjoy: inspiring people to live their dreams. 

    iAchieved: Bachelor of Art degrees in Business Administration and Spanish; an MBA;  an EdS in Educational Leadership; and Doctorate in Curriculum & Instruction (in progress). 

Hope you enjoy the site and connect with our community!



Note: I hope you leave inspired!


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139 responses to “About

  1. Phyllis Brown

    The car maybe cheap but you are priceless. Never stop reaching for bigger and better dreams. I see you go far. You are an inspiring young woman.

    Many Blessings,

    Phyllis Brown

  2. Monique Marshall

    LADY! I am so proud of you. You are coming into your own and making your mark on the world! May God bless you and keep you on your journey. Peace.

  3. I knew you were always destined for greatness and I am so honored to have planted a seed in your life. How beautiful are Godly, single, confident women like yourself.

  4. Leon Harrison

    I am so proud of you, and am your biggest supporter. When you speak, I feel your vision, the way you live and carry yourself needs to be seen by the young women of this land…you have no choice but to be on the major scene, give because what you can these ladies, will help save their lives!!!

    • Wow, thanks so much!! I am definitely trying to help many people! I have such a great vision for this year, and I’m ready to share it with the world. The last three years has been writing, prayer, and just getting myself together so that I’m able to share with others on how I broke free from everything. Thanks so much for everything!!!


  5. I’m the Momma! Smile!
    I just wanted to express my deepest adimiration for a daughter that has taken the seemingly difficult lessons in life that came to destroy everything about her which allowed God to purify her by “burning out the dross,” the stuff that he would not allow to tarnish his plans for her life and “created in her a clean heart renewed a right spirit within her.” Psalms 51:10 Which is an image of himself. I am so Godly proud–Can’t wait for when we work together again, destroying demonic forces that have tried to trick God’s people. “Prophecy as I have commanded and they shall live.” Ezekiel 37:10

  6. Quinetta Beard

    Kia, I am so proud of you, I can’t say that I am surprised at how awesome this website is because I know your potential. I am overjoyed as I watch you move into the areas you have been talking about. God is so awesome, and as I watch him unfold your dreams and desires I get more and more excited. I thank you for allowing myself and PC to be apart of your life. We love you and we know that there are some BIG things instore for you now and in the future and we are excited. This is only the beginning Kia, buckle your seatbelt because God has some crazy awesome things instore for you. Love ya Meha 🙂

  7. Courtney Beard

    Hey Lakia, this is amazing. Ths is very motivating on several fronts. I look forward to hearing the many things you have to share with us via this awesome tool.

  8. Ricardo

    Awesome page with good advice!

  9. Duane Goodrich

    Great Inspiring Words! Very practical and useful, Kia. Keep moving forward. Your gift will make room for you!

  10. Barbara Hammond-Whorley

    Lakia! I am so proud of you. You are doing what God has called you to do! Keep inspiring!

    Love you,


  11. Keith Hayes


    I’m proud of you. Thanks for allowing the Father to use you. Keep flowing in Him and watch your life continue to Blossom. What God has for you is truly for you but for others too so stay open to God presenting you before His people.

    Bless Ya

  12. Much success to you…. and have fun with your blog. Thank you for stopping in and leaving a nice comment on my blog! I hope you have many smiles each day! 🙂

  13. “Gotcha” This was what i said when “stumbled” over your blog. It’s simply amazing and wonderful that such an excellent mind exist. We have a lot in common and i so much love your motto: Living To Inspire. What else can one do to have a fulfilled life?

    I wish to work with you in a number of ways and hopefully one day, invite you to Nigeria for a Youth Convention.

    Good Work Sister.

    Cheers. God Bless you.

  14. Joseph Gordon

    I really loved your page and thank God for the relationship that we have and this is amazing and you are the perfect person to be doing God’s work I love you and respect and pray that God bless you.

  15. Again, I love your blog and added you to my blogroll.

  16. hi.. how are u… Nice to see ur blog..

  17. You are awesome! Here’s the Happy Award! I hope it brings you many new readers! http://thinkinlikegavroche.wordpress.com/2010/02/15/the-happy-award/

  18. You are very welcome! Keep bein’ you!

  19. momromp

    Hey! Saw your comment on my post and looked at your blog…I’m really looking forward to reading this! I worked with a number of “at risk” students when I taught high school and I loved the experience. I disagreed with several of the methods used by some of my colleagues when they worked with the “at risk” students and I had all sorts of, um, shall we say, spirited arguments with them…

    Can’t wait to dig in to your writing!

    • Wow, thank you very much 🙂 The at-risk community is definitely my heart… I’m planning on creating scholarships and an organization geared towards mentorship, counseling, and assistance to help them fill out FAFSA, MPNs, etc… I really have a few things up my sleeve. Just waiting on the right time and resources to present themselves lol.

      I will definitely be back to browse your page again!!

  20. Lakia, I saw your pic on Rich Wiseman’s blog and must say you are beautiful beyond belief.


    It looks like you have a lot of great things going, and I wish you the best. If you ever speak in Detroit, let me know.

    Since you are interested in entrepreneurship, see my Website for something you may be interested in.

    All the best!

    Paul Pearson

  21. “The adversities and challenges that I have faced were not for myself alone, but for others to become motivated and inspired to want more out of life; I want to help them shake off the past and move forward towards the future.” This is exactly how I feel about my life. Though the adversities and challenges I have faced are different than yours, God will use us both to be a blessing to others.

  22. shessel

    Great message. Love your blog.
    Sue (not Dear)

  23. Ricardo Carey

    @ work dreaming… just read your blog about being a pioneer… thought it was very encouraging… keep it up!!!

  24. Sharon

    wow girl! You have a really lovely blog and an entrancing style of writing. Keep up the good work. You are an achiever!

  25. Lagranvida1701

    Great write up, we need someone like you here in Nigeria to inspire our young ladies

  26. Lakia,

    I’m so very proud of you!!! You are a remarkable woman and this world needs more people like you. I look forward to reading more of your work and I hope you don’t mind me adding you to my blog roll.

    All my best to you and yours,


  27. hi..nice to see your blog.
    you are inspiring woman 🙂

  28. Dear glakia:

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    Leora Trub, M.A.
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    365 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10016-4309

  29. Oh my gosh! I LOVE your blog! =) You remind me soo much of Tyra Banks. Gorgeous on the inside, and out. We need more people like you in the world =)

    • Thank you so much! That’s the first time that’s been said 🙂 I really hope this catches on and people become more passionate to become more beatiful on the inside instead of the outside. You def will have to check out my book!!! It’s along the lines of this theme.

  30. Hey Glakia,
    Beautiful aspirations. Loved how you defied all odds and proved them wrong.
    Stay strong and may much more success come your way! God bless 🙂

  31. Ms. Kia – Well, aren’t you doing some big things!! While I am impressed, I’m not surprised at your level of vigor and interest to empower others!

    You are reaching many people who are in need of such an inspirational message … How do I know?! Because Matt. 5:14 says that, “a light on a hill can’t be hidden—not even by a lampshade!”

    So keep blazing trails and as for a quote that I coined, “leaders should be the light to knowledge and exposure as opposed to the door to failure and closure.” Keep being that light and please feel free to let me know what I can do to help support your goals, vision, and aspirations.

    With much love,

  32. i love what you are doing…..God bless you


  33. Chidambaram

    I am working as customer support employee , I am learning english I got your blog url from wordpress homepage , continuously I spent more than one hour time in your page glakia.wordpress.com . your article content is very simple I like to ready regularly and get the updates . If possible send the updates to my email . Thank You

  34. Lakia,

    You were kind enough to earlier this month comment on my post 8 Tips To Surviving A Dysfunctional Family During The Holidays. I just wanted to circle back and see how your holidays went.


    • Hey Brian! Thank you for checking up on me 🙂 My holiday went well and your tips were AMAZING!! I think that I can apply them to my daily life, not just the holidays.. I was tested today and #8 is what I kept repeating to myself… lol Have a good one!!

  35. Wow….you look so young to be a professor!! I thought you were just twenty from your beautiful photo 🙂

  36. ciaraLE

    God bless you sweet girl. He did not come to heal the healthy, but the sick. I will pray for you as you continue to be a vessel for Him to work in in your ministry to women! What a passion, and what a life worth living.


  37. @bookjunkie– Yep lol I taught at 24… which wasn’t the BEST idea lol
    @ciaraLE– Thanks sooo much for your words 🙂

  38. You are really an impressive woman, and I wish you continued success in your dreams and aspirations. I will be subscribing to your blog to keep in touch with what you have to say.

  39. Lakia, your blog is great! Thanks for your post and your encouraging words. 🙂 I’ve subscribed to your blog, and I don’t subscribe to many blogs at all, haha. Keep up the great work and keep following God, we can’t do anything without Him yet we can do all things through Him.

    ❤ Tash 🙂

  40. Wow you are so accomplished and I love what you are doing! Glad you found me your blog looks like it will serve as a means of even more inspiration for me! Thank you for stopping by my site! 🙂

  41. Thank you for reading my post. There is nothing wrong with being weird. If more people took the time to listen we could get somewhere as a society. Again thank you for your response

  42. @Ms. B. — thanks 🙂 I’m glad you can draw inspiration from it! And yeh, your blog is awesome.
    @goatius– I completely agree! Listening is such a great skill to have.

  43. I got the Suber-Jones : )

    So inspiring Doctor…… wow!!!!

  44. Thank you for commenting on my blog, it was quite the encouraging thing to see this evening. 🙂 You seem to be an incredible individual! I will have to keep an eye on your blog.

  45. @Suber– lol, thank you.
    @Heather– I will be keeping an eye out for yours too!! 🙂

  46. Very inspiring! I hope to be like you when I grow up :). K

  47. You had a great carrer. more power to you.

  48. love your blog lakia!!!! great work!

  49. God bless you in your doctoral pursuit! I teach for a Christian university and I just love it (this just sounded like a spam comment, lol). If you aren’t already, do you plan to teach?

    • I’m sorry I didn’t respond sooner. I actually taught at Hampton University for a bit. I enjoyed it, but I think I would like to teach when I’m a little older. I taught when I was 23 and that didn’t go as I expected 🙂 However, I will teach again, maybe next year. Thanks for inquiring!!! (And you didn’t sound like a spam comment hehehe)

  50. though am not a woman kep up the great job ur doing emmanuel from kenya.

  51. Anthony

    My first time to check on such a wonderful blog. From Nairobi, Kenya I wish we could have a woman of integrity like you changing the lives of other women including my wife. My wife and me may not be educated but I pray for my son and two daughters to excel academically, irrespective of financial constrains. I wish they have your contacts via internet. You are inspiring madam. May God expand your territories to Kenya.

  52. Keep up the inspiring work you’re doing Lakia. Subscribing…

  53. @Tumpes–thanks so much!!!
    @Anthony– Thank you so much for your kind words. Definitely have them stop by the blog!!
    @jollof– thank you so much!

  54. Good Sunday! It’s Andi here, from Double Dose of Special. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for taking the time to comment on my guest post on Our Typical Life. I appreciate that you were willing to share your thoughts with me, and that my post touched you in some small way. Please come over and visit me on my blog anytime, and if you’re interested in my family’s story, I’ll be happy to guest blog in the future. http://www.www.doubledoseofspecial.com/

    • DOH! I hit “post” too soon. I meant to answer your question about supported employment. I am NOT very familiar with that term, as my son is still very young and my daughter likely won’t need assistance. Would love to hear more sometime!

      • hahahaah it’s ok, it happens 🙂 . And I guess you’re right, your children are still very young lol. But, supported employment assists individuals with disabilities to find employment. They basically advocate for them and speak with employers about hiring them. Once they get the job, the Vocational Counselor or aka Job Coach goes with them onsite to assist them with their job tasks until they are able to perform the duties by themselves. Depending on the severity of the disability, the VC could be with them up to a four months or until they decide not to work at that place anymore. It’s really a rewarding field to work in!!

  55. Stumbled upon your blog! Found it extremely interesting! =D

  56. Leah

    I so admire all the work you do! Looking forward to staying in touch!

  57. Hi…you are doing such a great job. I love the work. We need to get connected …I feel as if we have some of the same views!!!

  58. Modern Funk


    You are an amazing person with an amazing blog. Keep up the good work. The world needs more caring individuals like you! 🙂

    Best regards,
    Miss E.


  59. Your write beautifully! Thanks so much for your kind comments about my blog today too, really appreciated it!

  60. sidhu89

    hi lakia! m teaching some multimedia softwares here in india in an institute in my neighbor town……here a nigerian is my student n i really feel both of u have same moral values,
    u said “writing” me too wants to become a writer working on something already but in my mother tongue as i love it
    keep it up

  61. Really interesting blog! Your book also sounds intriguing an 11-11-11 release date is perfecting timing!

  62. I came across your blog from another person. I must say I’m glad I did. God Bless.. 🙂

  63. wow….your blog is so damn inspiring………… i will definitely keep coming….. i am a new blogger…i dnt knw much about how to post my work on my blog in a proper manner…but i loved yours…its just more than awesum…….you are truly inspiring….

  64. OMG…you commented on my blog…you liked it??? its such an honor to have you read the post 🙂 🙂 i am so happy….. thank you so much 🙂

    • Yep! Very good. 🙂 keep up the good work, I will be back to read more!!! Also, make sure you stop by my YouTube channel to get some tips on blogging. I think it will be helpful since you’re new to the game. I will let you know when we’re up and ready.

  65. oh yeah…sure…dat wud be great 🙂 …do let me know 🙂

  66. Jewel Johnson

    I so happen (lol) to be researching and came across your page. This is really nice, keep doing what your doing and God bless your every step. You can also find me on facebook at: Mrs. Jewel happy and fulfilled Johnson.

    • Hey Jewel! Thank you so much for swinging through. I truly appreciate your kind words 🙂 I’m tryiiing! Staying in His will and doing what He’s called me to do! I will be sure to check out your page!

  67. MissSylvee

    I love page ‘meet lakia’ 🙂

  68. lianna

    Hi its me lianna santiago from ceerer day thank (: for takeing my pichture. I hope you do well and wish you love and persute of happiness

  69. lianna

    Hi its me lianna again I just whated to say I hope you write tunes of new books and make them as good as you did the other book what makes a woman so ugly something like that right . Even thought I haven’t read it I bet evreyone will love it includeing your boss. GOOD LUCK =(:

    Text me back soon I go to bed at 9:00 pm

    Love always,
    Lianna santiago

    • Awwwww, Lianna, thank you so much for visiting my blog. I really appreciate you stopping by to check it out. It was absolutely a pleasure to visit you guys today for Career Day! I’m to speak with Ms. Mays and see if she can set something up for me to meet your principal so that I can come back to do a writing workshop or self esteem workshop soon!! Email me: glakia@hotmail.com

  70. lianna

    hi it me lianna I’m sorry that I keep texting you I just wanted to . Say some of me poem to you this one was for my crush steven atlkins. Vilots are blue and rosses are red but my steven you are the key so blumm. I hope you liked it

    Lianna santiago
    P.S hoped you liked it:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  71. lianna

    I’m thankful that you like it thanks:-* :-* 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  72. lianna

    I read your text abuot thanking mr for haveing the time to come out , and , going on your site. I exstoinly wanted to come because I wanted to talk to you on your website , and , you about all my poems and show them to you. And mabey put them in a book and text you me whole book if I can because I don’t what to take your whole blog area. Since I see you already have most of the area filled.

    Lianna santiago
    P.S. the therapist

  73. lianna santiago

    Hi lika its me lianna I wanted to thank you for wishihing me the best on the test thankyou again.

    Liannna santiago

  74. lianna santiago

    Look at your new book message I said a gew things me self thet I know are true about you lakia.:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  75. lianna santiago

    Hi lakia I just wamted to say go night and do well tomrrow on a nother book I hope

  76. lianna santiago

    Hey I talked to ms. May she ask me if I got your text I said’ yes ‘. Because I did. And before I send this to you I like to share some of my poetry with you . I hope you like it here I go. This one is called bad dream. Why? Why is life so hard? Is it all just a bad dream somtimes. A dream waiting to wake up from . Or is just me the way I am? I think every day about it. I just can’t figure it out . I feel lost and confused when I have bad dreams . It feels like its real. Is it or is it not . I thinl and I think is it just me ………….

  77. lianna santiago

    Good night

  78. lianna santiago

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 : -) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 how are you

  79. lianna santiago

    hi why have you not text me back 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 lol my friend tony is here and i am in pennsylvania

  80. lianna santiago

    I have been wrtting new songs and raps with group called dream catchers I started this group with my twin jade and bff tony from second grade. We have written 5 songs so far.

  81. lianna santiago

    I spelled my friend name wroung it is toni

  82. lianna santiago

    Ha its me I am now visiting mrtyle beach in a hotle like we have for the last three and a half years .

  83. Bryan-Michael Dungee

    Hey Ms. Kia… Love the way your representing the home town, its wonderful when we get known for somthing other tha failure, drugs, and crime… Ur success and personal happiness is a major motivator to me. I’m still working on my book, its really beginning to come along. Seeing how much your accomplishing really gives me hope when i get discouraged… So keep up the terrific work, cause Im sure Im not the only one who looks to you for motivation at times… Much RESPECT/APPRECIATION & ADMIRATION to you… God’s light is definitly shinning bright on you… “If u can make it out of Farrell, u can make it anywhere” lol

    • Thank you so much Bryan! I woke up to this beautiful message this morning and it gave me energy!! I really appreciate your words. It’s amazing when words that you NEED to hear come at the RIGHT moment. THANK YOU. And I’m SO looking forward to reading your book.

  84. ll

    Hi lakia its me I am now laying in bed haveing a sleepover with my other friend jenna 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 see you

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