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Novem Mensibus

Attributed to: coolchasers.com

“Novem mensibus. In a barren land covered with sand an unquenchable thirst emerges. The images seen are strong and appealing; however, the bend in the light produces a displaced image of distant objects. Furtive light! It plays on the deep well of desire to see ahead; thus creating a distant mirage. “Ha, a hallucination it must be,” they scorn. Is it? No, it is not. Novem mensibus. That which is evident is real…or is it surreal? No. Only the digestion of realism suffices the desire. What is known to be factual evidence can be captured for an eternity within a heart. Novem mensibus. Or, is it the mind playing tricks? Has intellect triumphed? Has it visually perceived images that differ from objective reality? Has the information gathered by the eye processed mentally to give a perception that does not tally with a physical measurement? No. Novem mensibus. The extension to grasp was real. The pale, warm tints of orange grazing the horizon were real. Even the visual stimulation void of hue and grayness (XXIV) that emanated from the prickly stemmed shrubs, real. Everything deeply rooted blossomed into life. But as the grass withers and the flowers fade, time distracted distance and the image slipped away. Temporal versus eternal, the dimension will speak. Novem mensibus.”

I’m exploring my creative senses. I hope you enjoyed.




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PC12 Day 12

Day 12 : A picture of something you love.


These are the CUTEST pups ever. I had one that just passed.

His name:

Santino Jesus Gordon-Manilla, the GREATEST dappled dachshund ever.


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