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Keep Calm


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You ever want something so bad that you try your BEST to make it work? You do everything in your power for it happen, but it doesn’t pan out the way you anticipate? Well, it has happened to me quite often. I had my eyes set on the perfect job, school or house, whatever I valued at the time, only for a barrier to permanently or temporarily delay me. Everything was moving along smoothly–two interviews, reviewing the policy, loans processing–it felt like the right time. However, at the last minute they have a hiring freeze, school changes their policy or loan is not processing. The feeling that comes after is discouraging, often overwhelming.

It seemed like this happened to me all the time. However, one thing I learned from my bouts of rejection, is that I didn’t need it anyway. Months later something bigger and better came my way that caused me to forget what I wanted in the beginning.

It’s difficult, to have your heart set on something and it either falls through or perhaps has a wait period in between. Whichever situation or category you fall in, please, do not lose hope. There is a reason there is a delay.

 The end is better than the beginning; be patient.

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What If?

What If?What if you made $7.75 per hour for the rest of your life, but you wanted to make $50? What if you never travelled outside of your hometown, but you wanted to? What if you wanted to go back to school, but fear stopped you? What if you were supposed to be a pastor, but got comfortable as a deacon? What if God had the man/woman of your dreams, but you were unwilling to let go of what you have presently? What if you continued to live a complacent life?

What I find so interesting is that my life, over seven years ago, was going that way. I was complacent and comfortable with where I was. I had a Bachelors degree, an OK relationship with God, a potential career, but deep down it wasn’t what I truly wanted. However, I was comfortable with where I was, even though as a child, I had BIG DREAMS. If it was up to me, I would have stayed right there, but God had bigger plans. He began to nudge me by showing me what I could have versus what I was settling for. It’s crazy, but that was all I needed because when I saw what I could have, I went running after it.

God has a plan for you, but will you accept it? Don’t look at your life with disdain thinking, What if…I would have done this differently? Had not given up? If you are alive and breathing, things can turn around, and where the “What ifs” were, they can reverse to the “I AM.” I am making $50 per hour, I am traveling to other countries, I am in school, I am a pastor, I am with the one God has for me. It’s never too late, but you MUST be willing to shake OFF the fear of what others have to say, complacency, guilt and laziness. Do not forfeit the abundance God has for YOUR LIFE—YOUR DESTINY!

What is blocking YOU from LIVING?

Challenge: I’d like to challenge you to write a list of things you always wanted to do. Choose to challenge yourself each day by taking one step, each day, towards that goal.

NO MORE “What ifs!”

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