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I’m Pregnant, But I Didn’t Have Sex!

Overall story: this story marks one of the most significant events within Christianity; the Immaculate Conception. (Read Luke 1 for more information, or click HERE).

 The Set-up: the year 2011; Mary, the mother of Jesus, is 7 months pregnant

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Naturally, when people found out that I was pregnant they started gossiping and telling these wretched lies about me all over town. Seriously, do you know how small Galilee is? And of course, with all of the latest technology, people all the way in Samaria found out within a matter of seconds. Actually, for awhile, Facebook and Twitter were my worst enemies! @Delilah–OMG, did u c Mary’s stomach? @Jezzy–Yeah giirl, I saw it! She says it’s nt Joseph’s babii, but how can she explain that baby bump? @ Delilah–I completely agree! She’s definitely preggo by Joe, she’s not fooling any1.

I mean literally, I had to deal with all of these horrible lies and rumors for almost 7 months of my pregnancy. No one believed me, no one still believes me. But, you know what? I don’t care what they say because I know the Truth and soon He will come to set them free.

Let me tell you the story.

I was at home reading when out of nowhere an angel appears on my kitchen counter. Now, I had been eating Taco Bell late last night so I was thinking that the beans were kicking in, causing me to hallucinate. After I splashed some water onto my face, I realized that this angel wasn’t going anywhere and he was real. He began to speak. At the end of our conversation I told that angel, What in the world? I haven’t had sex before, how is this possible? I was told the unthinkable: I would have a son, His name would be Jesus (we would call Him ‘G’ for short), and He would be a Savior.

Literally, the first couple of things that shot through my mind:

1. Really? I’m engaged to be married—this is not a good look.

2. My future husband is going to think I’ve been cheating and gave someone else the golden ticket (I sure hope this angel visits and tells him about the Immaculate Conception too!!)

3. What are people going to think? Being a virgin, they can’t wait for me to slip up and fall flat on my face; this is going to be tough!

I was a bit nervous to know this baby would be growing inside of me when he first told me; however, after visiting my cousin Eliza, I had such a peace and joy about the whole thing. Even now, six months later, I still have peace and I’m super excited.

Out of everyone that could have been chosen, He chose me? Me?!? I am the mother of Jesus! This really blows my mind. I truly am blessed to have such a Wonderful, Mighty, Beautiful baby growing inside of me. As my favorite commercial goes, Filet o fish from McDonalds, 399 shekels; vacationing in Greece, 2,459 shekels; having Jesus as my son…priceless. Gotta love my baby boy!


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