LG’s Gift Day 7

On the seventh day, I would like to give you a message dealing with your emotions.

Take control of them. Dont’ allow them to control you. It’s terrible when you are led by your emotions because, if you haven’t noticed, they can change in a matter of minutes. Before confronting someone or making a decision, make sure you have a clear head and your emotions aren’t all over the place. Use wisdom.

Attributed to: AllyAubry

::Let Peace Rule Your Heart::



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5 responses to “LG’s Gift Day 7

  1. If only everyone could “let peace rule their heart” wouldn’t life be a wonderful thing?

  2. I disagree with this post. I think your emotions are a wonderful gift of telling you what’s going on internally. The inner joy, turmoil or whatever let’s us know our truth in any situation. Emotions are wisdom.

    Express them, allow them to just be. Yes, they change but show them, embrace them and let them out into the world. Let them flow, evolve and change our moods. Owning and expressing your emotions is Emotional Intelligence.

    Of course, we need to choose to do this safely. If you’re angry at your boss, go for a walk first before confrontation. If it’s not wise to talk to your boss, draw a picture, beat pillows.

    Yes, there are times when you need to save your emotions for more appropriate moments. But do not ever seek to control them. Emotions are never wrong. Emotions are never something to feel shame or guilt over.

    Enjoy the emotional dance.

  3. Yes Lakia, it is terrible being led by our emotions. I don’t necessarily believe emotions were given solely for the reasons of being able to “feel” eventhough this is very important to the human existence, but also given for purposes of motivation in moving us closer to our current aim.

    And, although emotions will let us know the truth about our subjective inner environment, we can’t depend on them to tell us the truth about what in reality is really happening in our objective outer environment, for emotions derive from perspective and our perspective in any given situation may be wrong in the midst of objective reality.

    So after adding my one and half cents to your post, I will also say, to piggyback off your thoughts, it’s okay to have emotion, it makes us human, but its not okay for emotion to have us. Don’t put a lid on them (this will cause a breakdown), but do regulate their flow. Be wise to how they’re used and allowed to flow. Or, in other words as you have stated, “Take control of them.”

  4. @Connetta- Thanks for the insight! I agree  it would be wonderful lol.

    @Spiral- Thank you so much for your insight. I would like to explain a bit more. The intent of my writing this post was not to say that emotions are unhealthy or should be suppressed, by any means. I believe that you should express your emotions. However, from experience, I do understand that being led by your emotions will oftentimes lead you down a dead end; they should not govern your life. One minute you’re ok, the next minute you’re reacting out of your anger, hurt, disappointments, etc., almost like you’re a yo-yo. When someone reacts out of their emotions, it is not a good thing, it’s not using wisdom. I believe that in using wisdom , it’s not about reacting suddenly because you feel a certain way, but being mature enough to step back from the situation, assess it (before making any rash decisions or confronting someone), and then move forward. Like you said, it wouldn’t be the wisest thing to be angry at your boss and then really show him how you feel; this would probably leave you jobless lol. No, you have to control/manage your emotions before expressing to him how you feel–this is wisdom.

    In essence, what I was trying to convey is quite similar to your opinion: “Express them… of course, we need to choose to do this safely.” (I just paraphrased what I believe in from your response.) We are on the same page, however using different terms—“saving them for an appropriate time” versus managing/controlling them.

    Again, thank you so much for your comment, it really challenges me to grow in my writing.

    @SAB- Thanks for reading!

    @pt4themind- Thanks for reading! I really appreciate your comment, especially the “it’s not ok for emotion to have us.” I also liked your statement, “don’t put a lid on them.” I do not believe this is conducive to anyone’s emotional health. Again, thanks for the insight.

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